10 Beautiful Flower Arrangements Perfect for Your Rustic Wedding


Flowers are an integral part of any wedding setup – and the type of blooms and arrangement you decide on is crucial to creating the mood you want to set for your day. Otherwise, your venue will be bland and boring, without the slightest touch of visual interest.

However, before you can even think of the specific flowers you want for your wedding, you need to establish first what theme can easily integrate almost every type of flower and arrangement design into the setting. If you love the idea of a laid-back wedding, surrounded with wildflowers in your bouquet, in the altar and everything you need, then a rustic wedding theme could be perfect for you.

A rustic-themed wedding is something that appears to never go out of style and it’s easy to see why: it has endless possibilities to offer regardless of the venue, your taste and budget. It gives you the chance to embrace nature while celebrating your love – and it’s also the reason why it is a timeless and elegant option for most brides today.

If you’re ready to discover your best options on flowers for your rustic wedding, Flower Patch, an online flower shop has put together this guide that lists the most beautiful flower arrangements that are suited for your wedding theme. In this article, we list everything from hand-tied bouquets to the most elaborate flower arrangements and more.

Rustic Flower Arrangements

  1. Pastel

An oversized bouquet with a mix of blush pink dahlias, peonies and plenty of unruly foliage has a woodland feel that always matches a rustic wedding. Its purposely imperfect arrangement embodies what the term rustic truly means: raw, unpolished yet elegant. It’s also what gives it the feel as if the flowers have just been plucked right out of the garden.

  1. Shades of Pink

This hand-tied bouquet lends an authentic rustic vibe with the use of some shades of pink ranging from dusky to fuchsia. The play on these colors is balanced with an even more deep green foliage, all gathered in a scrap of lace. Nevertheless, you’ll love its round shape that shies away from the lack of structure of typical rustic flower arrangements.

  1. Roses and Foliage

The use of randomly arranged foliage is what sets this rustic bridal bouquet apart from the traditional wedding flowers. Otherwise, having red roses alone will most likely not be appropriate for the theme. Further, the formality of these well-loved flowers is balanced by the unconventional form of the arrangement and as well as the use of the single green anthurium.

  1. Autumn-Themed

As the name suggests, this arrangement is a nod to the season. It boasts of an autumn palette that includes a variation of yellow, orange and purple flowers, and some green and white that pair with these autumn flowers best. The mustard yellow fabric used to gather them together is also what makes it look rustic, highlighting the mix of flowers used.

  1. Green

As an elaborate arrangement, this bouquet surprisingly takes the attention away from the flowers as it uses a greater amount of foliage than blooms. Aside from a few roses, it also includes some thistles, pinecones, cattails and succulents that give it a less refined and rather wild look that suits well with brides wearing a bohemian wedding dress.

  1. Winter-Themed

Your flower options may seem more limited in the winter months – but, this arrangement proves that you can still have a magnificent bridal bouquet. It cleverly uses pinecones and pine needles in lieu of the traditional flowers and foliage. It also adds gypsophila and other frosted touches for a wintry twist.

TIP: To further winterize your flowers, you can also throw in some in-season additions such as sprigs of mint, berries and acorns.

  1. Wheat

A bundle of wheat spikelets already make for a beautiful and minimal bridal bouquet. It completely does away with flowers and brings the outside feel into your wedding. However, if you take to decide on the fancier side, you can always add some feathers, white roses and tie them with a silk ribbon. It works particularly great for rustic weddings held in barns.

Now, to make your setup cohesive, you should also consider coordinating your bridal bouquet with the rest of the flowers and décor in your garden wedding venue:

  1. Repurposed Items

The addition of repurposed items – galvanized milk churns, old barrels, weathered crates and rusted watering cans as vases – introduces the countryside feel in your rustic wedding. It continues the theme of nature and as a matter of fact, these items are so versatile, not to mention they’re so much affordable – that you can do a lot with it.

  1. Mix and Match

When it comes to your centerpieces, you should think beyond identical vases! Even when they’re meant to bring a room together, it doesn’t mean that they have to be the same. This display uses an assortment of vases made by wrapping the mason jars with either lace, twin or burlap and each holding a different set of blooms including dahlias, roses and limonium. Such mix and match trend works particularly well for a shabby chic rustic wedding.

  1. Hanging

We have seen the onset of this trend last year, but it seems that it’s here to stay – and for good reasons. Hanging flowers add a stunning visual element to your décor. What’s more it also offers a practical way to declutter the tables and free up more space for more important items. This arrangement looks even more beautiful when matched with the table centerpieces.

Final Tip

Now that you have all the best ideas on your rustic flower arrangements, you’re now ready to get started with searching for the ideal flowers and foliages for your wedding.

But, for the final tip, you should remember that you don’t have to be an overnight expert on flowers. When it comes to rustic wedding bouquets, all you have to know is that you have a lot more options to spruce up your big day. Nevertheless, you can always talk to your flower expert today!

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