10 commandants to select professional wedding photographer

Like the wedding dress, and any other attractions on the wedding day, the wedding photographer will capture different moments to tell a beautiful story. Therefore, choosing the Photographe mariage aix en Provence has become one of the most important decisions you will have to make during the organization of the wedding.

  1. Qualified professionals

The first thing you should be clear about is the importance of choosing a good. In other words, someone who will always give you an extra peace of mind– guarantees their services.

  1. The style of the photographs

Looking for a traditional approach with the usual posed photos, or more natural and spontaneous images? The first thing you should be clear about is what style of photography you want.

  1. Service type

Typically, the photographer will cover the entire wedding day: from the couple’s preparations to the first dance of the newlyweds to the sound of the romantic wedding songs you have chosen.

  1. Treatment of photographs

Generally, any professional in the industry will process and retouch the images. Ideally, you start from a photo in RAW format, which always has more quality and flexibility in processing than a JPG photo.

  1. How do you want the photos?

On DVD, CD, pen drive or printed in an album? And what kind of album: traditional or digital? In the traditional album the photos are developed on chemical paper, while in the digital album the photos are printed directly on the pages.

  1. Number of images

Some photographers can give less than 300 images of your dream wedding date. However, any high-end photographer should exceed the final 500 photos covering the standard.

  1. What is your budget?

Price is usually another deciding factor. Define what you want to obtain and estimate the maximum you will spend on the photographs.

  1. Contact the photographers

Once several candidates have been selected it’s time to interview them. Be sure to ask about the basics. At this point it is important to compare the budgets, which will allow you to check the final price well.

  1. Get to know the photographers better

When you personally interview the finalists, ask them for samples of their photographs or complete weddings. Make sure that he is friendly and that you feel comfortable in his presence.

  1. Final choice

Call the chosen photographer and sign a contract in which both the date of the link and all the services that they will provide and the final amount will appear detailed.