4 Myths About Engagement Rings

When you’re preparing to get your engagement ring, you’re going to be doing your fair share of research, and you’ll be presented with all kinds of information that you may have difficulty understanding. But not all of it is true. There are several myths surrounding engagement rings and if you buy into those myths, you could be making a colossal mistake come purchase time. So, to steer you away from any false buys, we’re going to bring you up to speed on a few myths.


One thing that all people enjoy when proposing to a partner is the look of surprise on their face as they slowly realise what is happening, having had no idea it was coming. Many grand romantic gestures are built on surprise and suspense. But this may not always be the best thing. Part of a romantic proposal is about confirming why you love someone and the traits that attract you to them. This can be shown in a ring which is representative of their personality. And despite their intentions, you could easily make the proposal turn sour by offering a ring that isn’t matched to their tastes. Take the time to find out what kind of jewellery they might like. Some cuts speak volumes about a partner’s personality and they will appreciate the added sentiment.

Round is Sound

Round is a very popular shape for diamonds and for many people looking for the best rings, a common point of reference. But that may not always be the best option. For example, if you wanted a colour diamond, then making it visible on a round diamond will be more difficult and expensive. The best shapes for colour diamonds include radiant and cushion, as well as emerald, oval and pear. If you want to find a ring suited to your partner’s tastes, consider the variety in shapes and don’t limit yourself to the supposedly popular option.

Size Matters

When we’re choosing diamond engagement rings, there’s a part of us that is hoping for a ring the size of a mountain to win your partner over. After all, the bigger the diamond, the more valuable the ring right? When you take into account the many factors that give a diamond its value, like clarity, cut and colour—size only really makes up 25% of its value. And you don’t want to find yourself stuck with a diamond that is great in size but lacking in other aspects. Vvs diamonds are always a popular option to look for, and you need to ask yourself,what are vvs diamonds’ to know what your best options are.

Jewellers – the Source of All-Knowledge

Jewellers may be able to give you intrinsic details when it comes to the make of a diamond and an estimation of its worth, but the true value is in how well it matches your partner’s tastes. Unless you’re marrying your jeweller, don’t let them sway you into buying a fancy ring that has very little to do with your partner.

It’s easy to get pulled into a convincing myth, but don’t let it dictate your final choice, especially when it can hinder the perfect relationship you’re striving for in reality.