5 Convincing Reasons to Give Orchids to Your Loved Ones

If you are having a hard time picking the perfect gift for your loved ones, flowering plants are worth considering. When there’s a wide range of flowers available in different colors, shapes, and sizes, it is indeed not simple to pick one. If you barely have any time to search for one, orchids are an ideal gift that never fails to impress. Here are a few reasons mentioned by a Berkeley florist as to why you should gift orchid plants to your loved ones:

Orchids are Easy to Maintain:

Even though you have a plenty of options to choose from, not all plants are easy to maintain. However, an expert Berkeley florist explains that orchids require less maintenance than others, and won’t take much time to do so. If you are looking to gift these beautiful blooms to someone who barely follows the maintenance routine, give them an orchid plant. You could also ask the florist for maintenance tips that you could pass on to your recipient.

Your Interior Décor Just Got Better:

Orchids are simply eye appealing and capture the attention of anyone. They complement the interior design and style of your home, and are great conversation starters. People who love flowers have a special admiration for orchids for their elegance and many varieties.

Orchids Symbolize your Personal Feelings:

Orchids are usually offered as gifts for a reason. They symbolize a multitude of personal emotions. Gift orchids to someone to convey how much you care for them. Orchids have varied symbolism in different countries and time periods. During the Victorian Era and in China, orchids represent healing, affluence, and fertility.

Orchids Last Longer:

Anyone who receives a bunch of beautiful cut flowers or a bouquet would want them to last as long as possible. Orchids are a perfect choice in this regard, as the cut blooms last longer than many other flowers. Despite the minimal maintenance required, orchid plants have the ability to last longer. The best florist in Berkeley CA reveals that some orchid blooms may last as long as one month, if on the plant. Once the orchids bloom, they last for a prolonged period, and when you periodically take care of it, you will see new orchids blooming.

Orchids are Free from Allergens:

If your recipient is allergic to flowers, the good news is that orchids are allergen-free. So, send them a beautiful orchid plant without hesitation. Orchids do not have pollen grains that causes asthma attacks and allergies, therefore they are one of the safest flowers available.

The sheer beauty and uniqueness of orchids just makes them perfect to give for literally any occasion – be it house parties, birthdays, newborns, vacation, peace offerings, you name it. If there’s an occasion coming up, consider gifting orchids via flower delivery in Berkeley. You won’t regret it.