5 Easy Tips to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Anyone would be delighted to receive a bunch of fresh flowers from their loved ones via flower delivery in Fort Smith AR. To cherish the beauty of the blooms, you’d want the flowers to remain fresh for as long as possible. Well, this is possible if you routinely maintain the floral arrangement. One of the best ways to make flowers last longer is to properly trim the flower stems. Follow these 5 tips to know the right way to do the same:

Use a Sharp Instrument for Cutting:

Regardless of the type of cutting instrument you decide to use (such as a knife or scissors), ensure that it is sharp. If not, you would probably end up crushing the stem while you try to trim it. This would make it even worse. A sharp instrument will result in a proper cut.

Cut at an Angle if Possible:

Flower stems should ideally be cut diagonally. There are different reasons as to why this is suggested by the Fort Smith florists. If you cut the stems straight and place them in a vase, the stems may remain pressed against the bottom of the vase. This disrupts the proper flow of water into the stem, thus causing the flowers to perish sooner than expected. However, when you cut at an angle, the surface area of the base of the stem increases, and facilitates water absorption.

How Much Stem Needs to be Cut?

Several people are perplexed as to how much of the stem shall be trimmed each time. The Fort Smith florists recommend cutting one half inch of the stem once every few days. However, if you notice browning or damage at the bottom of the stem, the stems must be cut in such a way that the damage is removed. This will keep your flowers fresh and healthy. Also, remember to remove any leaves that would be in the vase water to prevent bacterial growth.

Trim the Stem Underwater:

If you are cutting the stems above water, air would get into the stem and block  water absorption. When you cut the stems underwater, the stem will continue to absorb water in the process, thus causing no harm. If it’s necessary to cut the stems altogether in a bouquet, place them in the vase as quickly as possible after cutting.

Other Tips to Follow:

Apart from following the stem cutting tips mentioned above, there are other important steps to follow as well.

  • Always clean the vase before use.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat, and do not place the vase near fruits or vegetables.
  • Replace water in the vase periodically, every time you trim the stems.
  • Using flower food helps, as it will supply nutrients for the flowers to remain fresh.

Remember to analyze the flower stems from time to time and if you notice that they are slimy or not as green as they should be, trimming the stem will help. Get in touch with one of the leading flower shops in Fort Smith AR should you need more assistance.