5 Ideas On How And Where To Use Your Monogram For Your Wedding

You either already have a monogram that has been created for a family, or plan to have one made or created. We wanted to give five places that the monogram will be very useful and appreciated.

Wedding Ceremony

The first place that A Monogram is the most pertinent and useful is at the actual ceremony. The event that resembles and signifies the joining of two people, and the start of their life together. The most common use is to have the monogram printed so it is larger for all to see at the event. The next most common place to have it for the ceremony is on the wedding program. This is not only one of the items that almost every attendee will see, but be able to hold onto after the day is over.

At your reception

The use of the monogram at the receptions is almost the same as the wedding itself, but can be placed in more key locations as art. The difference in use from the ceremony to the reception is that the wedding is about the couple and their life together.  Where the reception can be about who the two people are and their journey to this point. The monogram can be used on your wedding guest book, as a piece of art, or decoration in many ways.

On your wedding Invites, stickers

The wedding invites are one of the most popular places to have the monogram used. There are many ways to incorporate them into the invites and additional items. The monogram can be used at the top of the invite or placed on the back of the invite so it can be larger and more noticeable. Another one of the most popular ways to have a monogram displayed is to have a sticker printed for the envelopes or pockets.

Napkins, or coasters

Printing the monogram on the coasters or napkins that are used at the wedding and reception events makes great use of the monogram for all those that attend to be able to see and recognize. This is probably one of my favorite ways that the monogram is used as it does not distract from anything

Wedding website

If you decide to use a wedding website to provide more information to your guests or to gather RSVPs the Monogram can be displayed for all those that visit the site to appreciate. This is not, of course, a complete list of the places that it can be used, but just a few of the more popular locations and uses.

Not everyone uses a monogram for their wedding, but if you do decide to use a monogram that this information will help you with a few places that it can be made useful and presentable to your guests.