5 Reasons to Choose Mermaid Dresses for Your Prom Night and become a Glam Queen

Finding a prom dress can leave you stumped. When your classmates are already going for alterations, you are yet to choose the dress style. The problem starts with finding out your body type. But, there is one type of dress which suits all body shapes.

Yes, the timeless mermaid dress can highlight your curves. They look good on petite figures. And, the gown adds a modernistic touch to your attire. You can show off little skin with sweetheart neckline or side-slit and look simply divine. The drop waist or long train can instantly make you feel just like a red carpet diva at your school prom.

But, flexibility becomes a matter of concern for mermaid or trumpet dresses. Now can you imagine spending your high school prom without rocking the dance floor? That’s why the side slit design adds mobility, helping you make the best memories on the dance floor. Even if you are still not convinced with the idea of choosing mermaid prom dresses, take a look at the following reasons.

Classic and Enchanting Style

When you are attending the prom with your long-term boyfriend or crush, you need to feel and look special. To add the romantic factor in your date night, no other design can beat a simple mermaid gown. If you have a narrow waist or full busts, the outfit can complement your whole body while adding the ‘oomph’ factor. The fairytale dress flaunts a long skirt which highlights your waist and hips. Even if you are tall and slender, a Greek-inspired mermaid gown will look magnificent on you.

High-Level of Comfort

Putting on a tight dress is what everyone dreads. On the contrary, the mermaid gowns give you full coverage. Showcasing the Victorian aesthetics, the conservative yet modern style is a glamorous choice for everyone. The modest cuts give out a special vibe in the crowd. In case, you are not comfortable or confident with a strapless or backless gown, you can skip the skimpy part and put on a swanky jacket.

Essential Wide Variation  

One of the prime reasons for settling down with mermaid dress is the variety of colors, styles, and fabrics. The versatile mermaid silhouette enhances your body aspects while perfectly matching with your taste and sensibility. For flaunting the classic look, you can choose one with antique lace.

Flared Width for Style

Width of the mermaid dress is the game changer. If you choose a frock with a slim fare widening little more than A-line skirt, it can leave a subtle effect. In this way, the dress can enhance your body shape. If you want more flare, go with a dress flaunting underlay tulle. For finding a dress with edgy look, pick out a gown having fuller flare around the knees.

Materials Leaving Good Impact  

Designers use different materials for the dress considering the flare effect. If they choose a slim fare, they prefer lace or silk. Also, the material used for tulle makes the gown different from the row of traditional gowns. Ruffles are great addition and they can bring out your feminine side while making you look edgier. If you wish to continue a unique affair, select a gown with fabric roses or flowers.  

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Author Bio: Helen Smith, a fashion blogger with multiple articles on how to look your best with the sequin bridesmaid dresses, here discusses 5 reasons to pick mermaid prom dresses for your prom night and look ravishing.