5 Things to Prioritise with your Wedding Budget

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Budget, the word that can instantly inspire feelings of dread or jubilation. This is true whether you have a modest budget or an especially generous budget. Knowing how to prioritise your spending when planning your wedding can be difficult, particularly if you have little to no experience in organising such a monumental event. 

Each person will have their own set of priorities and non-negotiables for their big day; each couple will have their own wishes and ideas on how their day should look. Budgeting properly allows you to really understand the costs and how to maximise what you’re paying for. Here are some of the areas that wedding planners recommend spending a bit more on.


The setting for your big day will probably influence almost every single other decision you make during the planning of your wedding. Wedding venue North Wales offers the style, location and all the outdoor space you could want to get married in. The venue that you choose says a lot about you as a couple, and will set the atmosphere for the celebration, inspire the style of your decor and impact every detail. 

It’s often one of the first things a newly engaged couple will consider; and whilst a large proportion of the budget will have to be used on the venue, it is also wise to allow for costs for other elements. Avoid making rushed decisions, don’t book anything without considering the implications. 

Photography & Video

This cannot be stressed enough – the images of your wedding day will be the one tangible thing that lasts forever. They should be one of the most important things you consider during your planning. It is so important that you book a wedding photographer and videographer that you like, you’ve researched their previous work and it is in keeping with what you want your wedding to be seen as. Trust is absolutely key – book with someone who you think you couldn’t do your wedding day without. 

So much time, effort and dedication goes into editing and curating wedding photos, so allow enough of your budget. Don’t skimp on the memories that you can show off for years to come.


Let’s be honest, we all critique the food at a wedding. It might be a laid back BBQ buffet, a family style feast, artistic creations or a formal sit down meal. Whichever food style you opt for, it should be high quality, well-prepared and excellently presented. Delicious, memorable food is always worth spending a bit more money on. Make sure to gauge the costs associated with food and drink early on, as it will likely take up a fairly large chunk of your overall wedding budget.


This is a somewhat controversial one. Flowers can transform a space, set a mood, tone and palette for your wedding and create a visual masterpiece which will carefully reflect your personality and speak a thousand words. 

Flowers are usually the most underestimated cost for a couple planning their wedding; they are usually a lot more expensive than people think – you could go wild with the flower budget, there are no limits and no set rules. A general rule of thumb for wedding flowers, is to set aside around 10% of the overall wedding budget for flowers if you want them to look stylish, elegant and be of wonderful quality. 

Small Details

These are the thoughtful, unique touches that will make the overall wedding experience more memorable. This could be lots of things, such as; personal wedding favours on the tables, signature cocktails at the bar, bespoke signage and a creative table plan to get your guests interacting. This is your chance to put your individual stamp on the main event and ensure that the whole celebration is a true reflection of you as a couple.