6 Expert Tips to Keep Your Fresh Cut Flowers Vibrant for Long

When you get a bunch of fresh cut flowers, you want them to last for as long as possible. Cut flowers, when neatly arranged, look fabulous in a vase. However, many people do not know that with the execution of a few simple tricks, it is possible to keep them fresh for a long time. Here are 6 tips from a proficient florist in Toronto Ontario described below that you need to know:

Clean the Vase:

Begin with cleaning and preparing the vase. Choose a vase of the right size to make sure that the flowers won’t get overcrowded. Wash the vase using soap and water, after which it has to be rinsed and dried. Doing this will prevent bacterial growth and eliminates leftover residues. Fresh cut flowers will last longer when they’re bacteria free.

Trim the Flowers:

Cut about half an inch off the flower stems using sharp scissors. Expert florist in Toronto Ontario suggests cutting the stems at an angle under water if possible. This makes it easier for the flowers to absorb the necessary nutrients. Trim any foliage that will be below the water line, to avoid bacterial growth.

Use Flower Food:

Floral bouquets from flower delivery in Toronto usually come with flower food. Using this will keep your cut flowers fresh, as its ingredients supply properly balanced nutrients. Be sure to follow the package instructions. Every time you change the water in the vase, be sure to add flower food solution.

Remove Expired Blossoms:

As the bouquet ages, eliminate any wilted flowers and leaves. Keeping them as is would contaminate other blooms, thereby shortening the life of your floral arrangement.  Every 3-4 days, remove all the flowers from the vase, dump out the flower food solution, clean the vase and refill it with fresh solution. Then give the stems a fresh cut and place them back in the vase.

Placing the Arrangement:

Placing the vase at the right spot also counts when maintaining the flowers. Keep the vase in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.  You could also place the flowers in the refrigerator overnight to maintain their freshness. Do not place the vase close to fruit or vegetables as they produce ethylene gas, which ages the flowers faster.

Follow these pro tips to keep your fresh cut flowers vibrant for a good long time. Get in touch with a leading flower shop in Toronto with any questions you may have or additional tips you would require for maintaining your fresh cut flowers.