A Bow on a Wedding Dress as a Conventional Decoration

Article written by Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai

A bow has an ambiguous value in the world of fashion. If a bow is used correctly, it can decorate any clothing with its shape and color. A bow can be large and small, colorful and shadeless, decorated with lace, beads, and rhinestones.

History of Bows

In general, the history of this universal decoration element is very old. More than one thousand years quaintrelles fastened various details of the dress with laces and ribbons, the ends of which were tied to a bow. The bows were especially popular in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, when they were used to fasten the attire and decorate it. For example, the English Queen Elizabeth said that she was an ardent fan of bows on her outfits. The 1630s are just full of bows. They were everywhere: in clothes, hairstyles and shoes. There was a huge number of them at that time.
Vera Wong was the first who started to sew wedding dresses with a bow at the back. Advantage of the bow is that it looks ideal as a belt in almost any outfit, regardless of style and length.

Bows on Modern Wedding Dresses

To date, the situation has not changed dramatically, because the bows can be decoration for both dresses of little girls, the outfits of young ladies, and even the costumes of older ladies. The designers also pay attention to wedding dresses, which are also decorated with bows of various sizes, colors and designs. A corset-free wedding dress with a bow looks especially stylish. Modern bows on a wedding dress can be:

Differently sized (from huge to very small).

Located on various places. A bow can be placed on the waist from behind, in front, from the side, on the sleeves, and on the décolleté. Everywhere it will look cute and interesting.
Made of different fabric. The same bow, made of different fabrics, will look its own original and beautiful way.

In addition, bows can match the dress or contrast it. A bride can attach bows not only on the dress, but also on the shoes, hairstyle, and bouquet. However, the main thing is to know when enough is enough, because abundance of bows can give the opposite result.

You can see different variations of bows on the show-windows of fashionable shops. For example, bows for the waist can be small or very large. The latter is an option for extravagant ladies. If the bride is bent on this option, then she will not need any other decorations. The bow on the neck will distract attention from flaws, and the bow on the shoulder is often used by romantic and gentle girls.