A few ideas for planning your wedding in Birmingham

Whether you’re a native or you’ve been forced to relocate there to accommodate your future in-laws, the seemingly hectic city of Birmingham may actually prove to be a dream come true, if you know where to look.

  • Transport

Getting to Birmingham is as easy as waiting at a bus stop, as the city runs daily routes to and from Leicester, Coventry, and Peterborough with the longest routes the city runs costing no more than £10, while a train from London can be as speedy as an hour and a half.

By car, the trip from London would only be two and a half hours on a good day using M40, while a trip from the other side of the Midlands in Peterborough would only be another hour an a half using the connection between A14 and M6.

For international concerns, arriving for the big day or departing for your honeymoon, Birmingham International is only a thirteen minutes max from New Street.

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  • Catering

Many venues will include their own catering packages, which can made the whole wedding package more affordable. Often these range from low to high tier depending on your needs. If you are looking for a budget option when it comes to catering, a popular option is The Roasting Pig’s Birmingham hog roast for which they provide a grand hog roast wedding option.

  • The Ice House

But then again, arriving by boat is always an option as well, if you want to have your special day at the expansive Ice House off of Fazeley Street. The pride and joy of the Bond Company, this incredibly unique venue have an at-your-ready service team willing to hook you up with everyone you need.

Also worthy of note, the Bond Company is famed for their flexibility and willingness to host and cater to any creative impulses you want to employ for the big day.

  • The Library of Birmingham

Shakespeare nerd or not, his memorial room at the Library of Birmingham in Centenary Square is also a perfectly valid option. The cosy interior is perfect for smaller, personal wedding with an exquisite flair.

There is also free and easy access to the Skyline Viewpoint in the neighbouring building for all photography and after-party needs.

  • The Malmaison

The flexible Malmaison in the Mailbox is ideal for a slacker party of any size, with a renown for a fun environment.
With moving walls, a space of your design and choosing can be modified and to meet the needs of you and your guests. Not to mention their board choices for food and catering.

  • Blakesley Hall

Regal and aged, Blakesley Hall in Yardley is the perfect historic location to locate your very own historic day. The class two Tudor building has a capacity of sixty guests at most in the decorative barn, though a smaller party of forty is can be granted access to the great hall. Dining and buffets are included in the package, as well as access to the stately grounds.