A Husband’s Guide in Taking Care of Your Wedding Ring

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A wedding ring or band is more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s a symbol and a reminder of one’s eternal promise of love and fidelity to their partner, tracing back to ancient Rome and Greece. That said, one should take excellent care of their wedding ring to minimize the risk of damage or loss. And, of course, making sure that it lasts is something your partner would greatly appreciate — not to mention you’d avoid the headache and stress of losing or damaging it.

Unfortunately, men are more likely to lose their rings; in fact, one in four men always lose their rings. As such, we’ll be taking a look at tips to help husbands not only prevent losing their rings but also in keeping it pristine.

Have It Insured

This tip goes out to both partners. More than half of couples don’t insure their wedding rings. Purchasing insurance for your ring (if it isn’t already insured when you bought it) allows you to protect your ring from damage, loss, or even theft. The more expensive your rings, the more you should consider insuring it so it can be replaced or at least cover the cost of getting new ones. Sure, the sentimental value of the ring could never be replaced, but it’s a lot better than just outright losing the ring and not getting anything back.

Know When To Wear It

People often wear their ring, almost 24/7. Although sweet, you should know when you should be removing them temporarily. That said, husbands who like to work in the garden or their workshop should definitely remove them and store them safely to prevent any damage to the ring. One shouldn’t be wearing their rings when doing heavy hands-on activities. Husbands should also watch out when washing dishes, washing their hands or taking a shower; a lot of rings are lost when they fall into the sink or shower drain as soap and water make it easy for rings to slip off.

Be Wary Of the Weather

If you’re about to go out and buy groceries or do some quick errand while it’s raining, or perhaps you’re hiking somewhere cold and wet, it’s best to remove your ring. The cold can make your fingers shrink considerably, increasing the risk of your ring slipping off. On the other hand, our fingers tend to expand in hot weather, which may make your ring feel tighter or even constrict blood flow to your finger.

Minimize Resizing

In the course of a marriage, people may gain and lose weight periodically, and this may cause their rings to be too small or too big for their fingers. There’s even a study showing that men gain considerable weight after marriage. It’s due to these changes in body size that you’d probably end up visiting your jeweler in Salt Lake City to have it resized. But frequent resizing can make it fragile and more brittle. There are alternatives to ring resizing such as using plastic adjusters, sizing beads, inserts, and so on. You may even want to consider wearing your wedding ring as a necklace for the meantime if you’re trying to lose or gain weight.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s recommended that you bring your ring to your local jeweler in Salt Lake City for repairs, cleaning, and polishing at least once a year, it’s not going to cost much, but it goes a long way in preserving your ring. Meanwhile, you can also try cleaning your wedding band whenever you can by putting it in warm water with dish soap while you’re washing dishes, or even clean it with beer and a washcloth when you’re hanging out with your friends and colleagues.


It’s very self-explanatory why you should take care of your wedding ring, so make sure that you follow these very simple yet effective tips not only to guarantee that you won’t lose it but also to preserve your ring’s quality and beauty.