A Simple Guide and Tips on Dominican Republic Honeymoon

The Dominican Republic Honeymoon is just the right start for a new couple who are in deep love and who are very much excited about a tropical escape. The people offer warm welcome, and the Caribbean state is filled with superb prospects to experience the adventure, culture, and history. Listed below are some of the tips that help you enjoying your trip.

Reaching the Dominican Republic – The Dominican Republic has 7 international air terminals. You can choose the one that is nearer to your destination.

Weather – In the Dominican Republic, the normal yearly temperature is not more than 77 degrees Fahrenheit. From April to November months, the temperatures range between 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit while December to March is the coolest months.

Language – The local language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish, but many people also speak English, especially in resort areas.

Taxes – All visitors to the Dominican Republic must buy a Tourist Card for $10 once they reach. Also, there is a 10{204b2fb84ebc779baa5a810396d1931e154e1daa0662a4fb55d19ea1031df6e7} departure tax is applicable. The visitors have to pay 22{204b2fb84ebc779baa5a810396d1931e154e1daa0662a4fb55d19ea1031df6e7} tax on room rates, including 10{204b2fb84ebc779baa5a810396d1931e154e1daa0662a4fb55d19ea1031df6e7} service charge and a 12{204b2fb84ebc779baa5a810396d1931e154e1daa0662a4fb55d19ea1031df6e7} sales tax.

Honeymoon Packages – There are several luxurious hotels and resorts that offer best honeymoon package. It includes:

  • Champagne and Tropical Fruit Plate upon arrival
  • A Honeymoon Banner with your names over the door of your room
  • Romantic service on your very special night
  • You can get a newlyweds breakfast in bed
  • 10{204b2fb84ebc779baa5a810396d1931e154e1daa0662a4fb55d19ea1031df6e7} discount on your favorite Spa Services

Pledges in Paradise – Apart from honeymoon, many people choosing Punta Cana the Dominican Republic as their wedding destination and frequently call it Punta Cana Weddings. Here you can thoroughly enjoy white water rafting, which is the best way to take your excitement to the next level, and also you can enjoy the great rainforest canopies.