An Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Wedding In Portugal And Making It Special!

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Portugal is quite popular across the world for its mesmerizing top quality food, sandy beaches, sunny weather, and its loving and welcoming people. It can indeed be one of the best places to get married. If you too are planning your wedding in Portugal, you are very lucky couple on Earth!

Tying the holy knot with your beloved in Portugal can be the best choice you can ever make especially when you are planning for your wedding abroad. There are infinite reasons why it is the ideal wedding destination. To get you started, the following guidelines will definitely help you out!

Choosing the perfect Portuguese location for wedding

The most important attractions that loved by most of the Irish couples are blue skies, sun, and stunning romantic sunsets. There is more than 3000 hours of the sunshine in Portugal every year. It implies that you can plan your wedding in Portugal in any time of the year and not only in summer.

There are numerous venues including country, beach, outdoors, indoors, and so forth. With such an awesome weather, you can definitely count on beautiful sun-drenched pictures against blue skies. Plus, the weddings in Portugal are very much affordable since it is still fairly undiscovered gems of the places. The overall traveling costs are low and you can easily get budget flights to key destinations as well as accommodations that are priced reasonably. What else you can ever want as a couple?

Moreover, civil weddings of the same sex are legal without any complex requirements that you may encounter in some of the other countries. Another important thing that makes any wedding best is the drinks, isn’t it? In Portugal, you won’t find any kind of limitation on any drinks. Wedding menus includes all kinds of wine that your guests can easily drink at the dinner.

Importance of hiring wedding planner in Portuguese

Since most of the people in Portuguese speak English, you might first be tempted to organize your entire wedding yourself. Well, it is not recommended at all. Portugal wedding planners can take away your headache of planning your wedding. They can do every task a wedding involves.

However, be careful when hiring someone for your big day. Make sure to choose the one that is reputable, recommended, and have sufficient experience of organizing wide types of weddings. They must have positive feedback from the other couples. While you might just be tempted by their attractive website having pretty pictures and promising quotes, it is their experience that matters the most.

Important things to know before you get married

  • You might only be married according to the Portuguese law in Portugal. You may not get married at the embassy or at any of consulates in Portugal by a consular from your own country.
  • Catholic Church weddings and civil ceremonies are legally, recognized.

When it comes to paperwork in terms of your wedding in Portugal, you must remember here that all the documentation should be original as well as an Apostille stamp. The documentation that isn’t in Portuguese is required to be accompanied by the official translations.

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Edward Mosley has written this Guest Post. If you are considering your wedding to be in Portugal, make sure to hire the best Portugal wedding planners to make it just perfect. They will offer you their exceptional services at reasonable costs. Feel free to visit their website now and be ready for a great wedding!