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Ah, Phoenix sunshine – how you love us. With the production of some of the country’s most lovely sun-dappled natural light photography, your photographers win over and over again, and the photography of your families is fortunate. Our list of

Internet and wedding magazines are full of advice on how to choose this dream wedding dress. Unfortunately, many kinds of good advice and hints often contradict each other. Instead of inspiring and fine-tuning the future bride, they bring her even

Wonderful Indonesia

Who does not know Bandung? Bandung is the capital of West Java province. The city was in ancient times called Parijs van Java (Dutch) or even”Paris of Java.” And until now Bandung is the middle of style in western Java,

If you’ve found somebody to marry, choosing an engagement ring should be easy in comparison, but that’s not always the case! There’s a lot to take into account, such as the all-important 4 C’s, the stone setting and the band