Awesome Stag Party Ideas

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When most people think of a stag party, the image that comes to mind is that of a low maintenance affair. A few guys, a bar, a lot of drinks is all you need to have a successful stag party. But this notion has continued to be challenged in recent times, leading to the realization that for a stag party to be awesome, there has to be some planning involved.

So how do you make your last night of freedom stand out in your memory? Or should we be asking, how does your best man plan the perfect stag party? Well, the following simple ideas should help;

Start with a Theme

You’ve probably heard of this, yet most stag parties are often themeless. A themed party has some direction which can be important especially when your venue will be a crowded place. With lots of drinks to go around, people tend to drift away from one another. A theme can help you locate your friend in a crowded bar.

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Choose Your Location Wisely

You’d be tempted to hold the party in your neighborhood. And while this may have some appeal, it is probably not the best thing to do. The venue of a stag party should have everything you need; booze, some strippers, a bar and hopefully all your friends while adding a tiny element of adventure into the mix. You can even choose to have the party in another town or city depending on your budget. But while we advocate for stag parties away from home, organize everyone’s transportation if you want everyone to make the wedding on time.

Choose decent accommodation

Don’t just go for the cheapest room with a bed. Most people choose stag party accommodation purely based on proximity to the pub and availability of beds. If you want to make this experience a memorable one for your pals, you will consider choose accommodation that is not just sufficient but also comfortable. Your hangover will thank you for choosing the right rooms.

Choose Enjoyable Activities

Activities are a huge part of the stag party experience. And since these are your friends whom you’ve probably known for years, it should not be very difficult to choose activities that they may enjoy. The goal of any stag party is to have the ultimate bonding experience and activities help. Some of the more common activities at a stag party include paintballing, a road trip, booze cruises and various sports.

Party Favors

At the end of the experience, you want your boys to go home with a memory of the day. Party favors can help you do that and they come in a variety of options to choose from. You can choose to be practical and give each one of your friends a hangover cure kit or you can make your party favors more personal so that each person gets something different.