BULVERDE BOOKS to Help You Plan a Perfect Wedding

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BULVERDE BOOKS has designed several Wedding Planners and Organizers to help you plan for your wedding starting as early as 12 months before the wedding or starting at any time before the wedding. These planners and guides track your every monthly, weekly and daily details to help you plan for a perfect wedding. 

Avoid the stress! Our planners make life easier for the bride, the mother of the bride, the single father of the bride, aunt of the bride, and everyone involved in planning this wonderful event. These guided notebooks are full of check lists, planning lists, and note pages. Pages in our planners contain handy fill-in lists and charts to help you to gather all the essential information you need to stay on track to ensure your wedding is perfect. 

Each of these planners contains time-phased checklists presented at different check points to identify the things on which you need to focus. For example, if you have started planning 12 months before the blessed event, our 12 Months before checklist illustrates the items you need to focus on at that time. Our wedding planners and organizers have checklists from 12 Months Before, 9 Months Before, 6 Months Before, 3 Months Before, 1 Month Before, 1 Week Before, the Day Before, and the BIG DAY. You can start your planning at any time. 

We realize you want every detail to be perfect. Our wedding planners cover every detail involved in organizing and planning your wedding so you will feel confident when your BIG DAY arrives, you will experience the world’s best wedding of all time. 

Checklists contained in the wedding planners include budget planning checklists, time-phased checklists, wedding party checklist, photographer and videographer checklists, DJ/Entertainment checklists, florist planner, menu planner, wedding cake checklist, wedding guest checklist and seating charts.

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