Buying Flowers the Right Way – Here are 5 Expert Tips

Flowers, as we all know, are available in a wide range of colors and types. They have always been a striking element in tablescapes and decorations, and a great choice of gift for any occasion. A reputable Providence florist will have the right type of fresh, high quality flower you require, however keep the following 5 expert tips in mind to make sure your purchase is worth it:

Examine the Petals:

Always ensure that you check the petals before you purchase flowers. If you identify any dried black ends or brown spots, it’s a red flag. Dried black ends indicate that the flower will not last longer, and brown spots represent that they were not cut in the proper way.

Seasonal Flowers are the Best:

Try purchasing flowers that are in season. At the peak of the season, flowers will be at their best, featuring the most striking blooms. As they are available in abundance during this time, the prices will be affordable too. Hence, if you are on budget and would prefer to wait for a specific type of flower you require, seasonal purchasing is indeed a good way to go.

Analyze the Stems and Bulbs:

While purchasing the flower from Providence flower shops, make sure that the stem is in wet condition. For proper preservation, they have to be stored in water. Also, pick the ones that are not bloomed yet. If they are tightly closed bulbs, it means that they are freshly cut. Therefore, it is wise to not pick up flowers that are bloomed wide open, as they last longer. Choose full blooms only when you need it for an event you are hosting on the same day.

Don’t Limit Your Preferences to Color:

Do not purchase flowers from a Providence flower delivery service solely depending on color. Rather than strictly limiting your preferences to color, opt for flowers that look great overall. Regardless of color, find flowers that mix and match to form a beautiful and colorful floral arrangement.

Vase Also Counts:

When it comes to a floral arrangement, it is not just the flower that you need to consider; vases are also equally important. Not all vases suit the flowers that you use in the arrangement. For instance, vases that work well for hydrangeas will not suit for other flowers such as Ranunculus. Therefore, when you are purchasing a flower for adding it in an arrangement, think about the vase as well. Reliable Providence flower delivery will offer beautiful floral arrangements with the vase included.

These are some of the useful tips you need to remember when you are looking to purchase a flower. For more advice and assistance, a proficient florist will be able to help you out. Get in touch with a professional florist today.