Countryside Wedding

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Marriage in the Country is the great darling of brides who want a romantic and original ceremony.

With nature as the main stage for this ceremony, country weddings can bring the most romantic and beautiful scenery there is!

And best of all, it’s not hard to get a ceremony on the pitch, with the same beautiful details as the pictures on the internet. It is only necessary to follow some rules and tips that can make your reception the most beautiful and enchanted that you imagine.

Wedding Location

If you want to have a wedding ceremony in the countryside, then you can start searching for Wedding venues as places and farms that accommodate your number of guests!

Be sure to evaluate, in each place you visit, what is the perfect scenario to make your wedding, and if the venue offers a second option of room to hold your ceremony, in case the weather does not collaborate and start raining on the day!

Take into account the location of the venue, too. Make sure it’s easily accessible to your guests and how long it takes to get there. So you don’t run the risk of having guests miss your ceremony because they ended up getting lost in the area.

Countryside Wedding Decoration

Did you know that there are some types of decoration for the country wedding? We’ve separated the principals so you can see what suits you best; check it out!

Rustic Country Wedding

The rustic decoration is the easiest to achieve because nature itself can already fulfil the role of the decorator. Use large wooden tables on furniture and abuse materials such as jute and lace, which perfectly match the rustic style. You can take the opportunity to explore your artistic side by making DIY items to complement your decor. It can be a table, or a mural of photos of the couple, showing from the time of dating until the wedding day.

Country Wedding Lighting

Natural lighting is the greatest ally of weddings in the countryside. Especially for the pictures, which look even more beautiful outdoors. However, care must be taken with the time of the ceremony, so that the sun does not disturb the guests’ view at the time of the service, nor is it too hot. Avoid scheduling the wedding at midday, which is the peak of the sun. You can book later in the afternoon – during sunset – and hold the reception of guests shortly after.

If your wedding is in the late afternoon, then you can play with other beautiful types of lighting!

Don’t forget to talk to the photographer about all your lighting ideas. So, when it comes to choosing the best photographer, you don’t run the risk of ending the service with someone who doesn’t know how to explore this kind of lighting in wedding photography in the field.

Wedding in the day

Most couples prefer to get married in the country during the day. The sun leaves the illumination of the photos beautiful, and with a cozy climate! Not to mention that nature stands out and the bride and groom can bet on colourful decorations filled with flowers all over the place. It’s the perfect setting for the bride and groom.

Marriage in the country at night

Those who dream of a party in the country, but with a slightly more refined profile, the wedding in the country at night is the ideal option! The bride can bet on different lights such as torches, festoon lamps and fairy lights, all to have a ceremony illuminated and welcoming climate, where guests can relax and enjoy the moment with the bride and groom.


Flowers, flowers, and more flowers, that’s what the country wedding is all about.

The presence of nature is so strong that it is impossible not to represent it in the item that will pass the idea of your wedding party to the guests: The wedding invitation.

Just remember to combine the invitation with the style of the party, so that the guest can identify the wedding by looking at the small details of the invitation as in the colour palette, or the rustic material of the envelope.

Marriage in the country what to wear?

The bride and groom need to discern all the lightness of the event in their clothes and accessories, but without exaggerating in the composition.


Just like the wedding on the beach, the bride’s dress for country weddings can’t be flashy or exaggerated, with puffy skirts and full of embroidery.

Wedding dresses for country weddings

Forget the princess dress! The rustic ceremonies ask for more straightforward productions, without glamour, but with great elegance. When it comes to choosing your dress, choose lighter fabrics with lace applications, for example, that looks gorgeous!

The hairstyle and makeup depending on the style of the bride. The hair, both tight and loose, can maintain its country style. The only thing the bride needs to be careful about is the veil and the tiara. The bride can choose to wear a veil or a tiara, but nothing that is too over, nothing too bright.


The groom can be at ease for the wedding ceremony. So the suit and social shoe are dismissed! – if you wish.

You can wear social pants of neutral tones, with a white shirt and vest, for example. Nothing too social, but also not as liberal as marriage on the beach, and the shoe can be a more comfortable shoe.

The Buffet

The wedding food varies according to the schedule of your ceremony, check out the best Wedding Buffet for your party according to the program:


Weddings that take place in the morning ask for light meals. So a whimsical Brunch is the best option for your wedding.

In the afternoon

A bold lunch, with lots of salad and fruit, is perfect for ceremonies held at lunchtime, at noon. The services scheduled for the late afternoon, at sunset, the recommended is to serve a cocktail accompanied by finger food.


Traditional dinner with a selection of bolder and delicious foods!

Marriage on the countryside is an option that has been making a lot of success among the bride and groom who dream of an outside marriage. Usually follows the rustic wedding style with romantic and fluffy decoration. Get inspired by that style!

Wedding Songs

As tasty as choosing the wedding deserts, the time of the repertoire is also pleasant. At this moment the bride and groom (yes, it’s a joint decision) need to put their tastes on the agenda and also emphasise the songs that marked the couple in some way.

We’ve already received several questions about wedding music such as, what’s nice to play if it matches or not because there are places that cannot certain songs and so on.

As the country wedding is on the rise, I asked DJ NOVI, from NOVA DJs to indicate some songs that couples from the country are asking for a lot.

Daughters – John Mayer

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Train – Marry Me

Other songs on the list include Crazy Little thing called love – Queen, Wind of Changes – Scorpions and La Valse D’Amelie – Film “The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain.

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