Each Wedding Flower have Something to Tell

Wedding is the most beautiful and auspicious moment of life for everyone. It is the time when you take the vow to be together with your spouse for the rest of your life. The biggest ever commitment of your life, the life changing moment, your wedding calls for the presence of God as well as all your friends and family to shower their well wishes and blessings for your wedding.

Wedding traditions are very important and are observed in a sacrosanct manner all over the world. The way the bride is dressed up in a pristine white wedding gown, the tiara she carries on her head, the flowers that adorn her hair, her veil and the bouquet of flower that she carries in her hands as she walks the aisle makes her look no less than an angel. She walks into her man’s life like an angel of love, happiness, bliss and prosperity. The beautiful union of the bride and groom mark the new beginning, a new progeny and a new hope for a better world.

Story Behind the Tradition of Carrying Flower

Albeit there are several myths behind, the best practices evolved during the Roman era when the bridal bouquet comprised of exquisite and aromatic herbs that were treated to be the emblem of fertility. Furthermore, garlands were exchanged at weddings during the Roman era which was believed to ward off evil and negativity.

Victorian era defined this custom in a more aesthetic manner, when flowers were picked keeping in mind their symbolic significance. Each flower bears a distinct essence of its own. Each appeal to the human senses in a particular fashion that is essentially different from the other. The aphrodisiac appeal and the capacity to turn on the happy hormone of the flowers have added in a unique way in the wedding customs.

Tossing the Bouquet

A bride was looked up to as an angel of prosperity and good fortune. However, chauvinistic or patriarchal this statement sounds the newlyweds across the world are blessed for a happy and prosperous life where the bride is treated as the bearer of that good fortune to her new house or to the man’s life. The bouquet of flowers she carried and held throughout her wedding ceremonies are witness of a blessed union. Hence, tossing the bouquet to the unmarried girls signifies sending some of those fortune vibes to them. The unmarried girls’ competing to get the bouquet is a playful yet significant custom which shows their urge to become blessed like the bride.     

The Contemporary Practice

The bridal bouquet picked by the new age brides reflect their mind is more of a style statement. In the modern times, you want everything to be exclusive and sophisticated. Hence the trending bridal flowers have changed according to that.

The floral industry in India is riding high on this new trend as most of the latest favorites of the new age brides are found in abundance in India. Flower suppliers in India are much sought after even for people who are looking to buy wedding flowers online in Australia.

Some Popular Bridal Flowers

Magnolia – One of the most preferred pick of the contemporary brides are the spring-summer blossom – magnolia which represent purity of heart.

Lily – The beauty and regality of the fragrant lilies are usually seen in summer weddings.

Lilac – Epitome of love, the beautiful color of lilacs complements the white wedding gowns to the best and sends an aphrodisiac message to the loved one.

Calla Lily – The uber suave and sophisticated calla lilies adds to the panache.