EIGHT reasons to add a professional magician to your wedding

The idea of ​​hiring a wedding magician is not new. Magic is an original idea to add to the wedding that guests will never forget. It is ideal to break the ice between the guests either with close-up magic during the cocktail or magic around the different tables of the diners. It is why we share you eight reasons on why you should hire professional magician for Los Angeles weddings.

Magic is in fashion

Illusionism has acquired a great presence in many theaters and events in a more stable way in recent years. Magic is a very complete, fun and fascinating discipline, so a period of crisis like the one we are experiencing can give rise to a greater demand for doses of illusion that evade and entertain us.

For all audiences

Magic is an ideal show for all types of audiences. Despite the belief that magic is children’s entertainment, the truth is who is most impacted by illusionism is an adult when they see rationality, physical laws and logic blow up.

Adaptable to all types of spaces

Magicians also adapt to all types of spaces, making it a very versatile and effective entertainment. There are shows oriented to the stage, seated at the table or standing group by group, each one more exciting and attractive.

The best value for money

Magic offers you artists who offer an excellent result for all audiences due to a very manageable cache compared to other disciplines. Although magic is not cheap and if there is a lot of difference in price between two magicians it will be for something – think carefully before hiring.

Ideal for Breaking the Ice

At a wedding it is totally common that the guests do not all know each other. That is why we propose magic as a super powerful tool to achieve the union of people. Guests will actively participate in the games and even experience the magic in their own hands.

A memorable memory of your event

Sometimes the guests need an anchor point in memory that helps to remember with emotion a unique celebration. In the case of magic, the visual, emotional and comic impact it generates is so strong that it helps to create a positive and memorable memory of the event that they will share with those close to them.

It’s funny

Magic shows in Los Angeles weddings are usually comic in nature, so in addition to illusion and surprises you will have the comforting feeling that good laughs produce.

It is original, and it sets you apart

Magic is an original and different show with which you will undoubtedly make your event stand out. Also, it is very strange that there are people who do not like magic, so it will be a sure hit.

Conclusion: Attract attention

We are not talking about the classic card-only magician or the magician who makes figures with balloons or appearances of rabbits in top hats. This is another level of entertainment where the magician is able to hook the audience during his act, appearance and disappearance effects, mind reading, predictions and much more.

So, what are you waiting for?