Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Wedding Abroad

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be a very daunting and stressful process whether it’s at home or overseas and you don’t get a practice run either. But, more and more couples are choosing to get married abroad. And, while lower costs and better weather are among some of the top-selling points, there are many other factors to take into consideration when tying the knot in another country. So, whether you are planning to have a traditional wedding in the heart of Rome or a beach wedding in Portugal, here is everything you need to consider for your big day.

Visit The Destination First 

Don’t book your wedding until you have actually visited the destination. If you have enough budget, you should make an initial visit to where you’re hoping to get married. This will allow you to visit venues, talk to suppliers and find out exactly what’s possible within the budget you have. More importantly, it means you will be able to find a local wedding planner who has experience with planning weddings in your destination of choice.

Check The Destination’s Climate

When deciding on a wedding dress, brides should always consider the climate of the destination at the time of year they plan on tying the knot. Wearing a heavy dress for a tropical beach wedding will be too hot and uncomfortable while hurricane seasons may not be ideal for a beach wedding which is particularly applicable for the Caribbean.

Leave Enough Time to Complete The Paperwork

You must make sure that you allow for plenty of time when it comes to arranging the marriage documents. Sometimes this can take up to 6 months, but this depends on where you are getting married. If you are a British national, you may need to complete certain documents such a certificate of no impediment. If you are planning an overseas wedding, then it’s a good idea to contact your local authorities at the earliest convenience to find out what you are required to do.

Remember Specialist Wedding Insurance 

One very important thing to remember is to take out specialist wedding insurance that will cover you in your destination of choice. This type of insurance will protect you from eventualities and offer peace of mind, especially if your destination is known for turbulent weather conditions. You also need to consider that there is always an element of risk when choosing to get married abroad. Unforeseen circumstances can stop weddings from going ahead, which can cause a great deal of stress for couples.

Think About Your Guests 

Getting married abroad can save couples £1000s, but it’s often the guests that get hit with the financial burden. You need to consider the costs of flights and what accommodation is available to them. Make sure you pick an area that has a variety of options that allows your guests to choose accommodation they can afford. You need to also consider how far away your wedding destination is. If you want to invite young children or older relatives, then a long flight may affect whether they can attend or not.

Think About Combining Your Wedding and Honeymoon

Choosing an overseas wedding can make it easy to go straight from your wedding to your honeymoon without any additional travel. There are many couples that choose to go travelling straight after their wedding instead of opting for a traditional honeymoon by visiting several locations. Combining your wedding and honeymoon can be a good way of saving money on flights and other means of travel.

Book Early Through Reputable Travel Company 

When it comes to booking a wedding abroad, it’s always a good idea to get ahead of the game and book it well in advance. If you can take care of the flights, accommodation and venue long before your wedding date, you can save a lot of money that you could perhaps spend on your honeymoon instead. It’s also a very wise move to book your wedding through a reputable travel company, so you are protected from unforeseeable events. For example, if one of your flights get cancelled, then they will be able to source alternative accommodation if needed.

Tell Friends and Family to Save The Dates  

You need to tell your friends and family the dates if you think they are going to want to attend your overseas wedding. The chances are that it is going to cost them a lot more than attending a wedding in the UK so you need to give them as much notice as you can. The most notice you give them, the more likely they will be able to fly over.