Fantastic Solutions for a Budget Friendly Las Vegas Wedding Celebration

Destination weddings have become very popular, especially for couples whose relatives live very far away. It’s a convenient place to converge.  Vegas has become known to gather everyone in and has become a popular hub to hold a Las Vegas wedding. Even brides want their wedding to be special so they prefer places like Fiji, the Bahamas, South Carolina or Las Vegas.

Ever since people have found a reason to go for destination wedding they have chosen Las Vegas. Here nightlife is extremely colorful and bright. People enjoy it for many reasons but mainly because of casinos, entertainment and now sports.

Earlier couples used to escape to Las Vegas because getting married in Las Vegas is very easy. There aren’t blood tests done and there isn’t any residence proof required. When companies saw the popularity and demand for weddings in Las Vegas, the wedding market has grown tremendously. Now there are many shops and hotels that give special attention to weddings, bridal gowns and jewelry.

However, getting married in Las Vegas can become an expensive affair. This is primarily because of the inconveniences of being away from your home and unfamiliarity of the surroundings. Many couples decide to have a small Las Vegas wedding with custom Las Vegas Weddings because it’s a one stop shop for destination wedding planning.

Let me give you a brief on it by telling you different types of weddings that can be held in a city like Las Vegas –

  • A lot of couples don’t realize there is an option to plan customized wedding ceremonies and events like a photo tour along with a ceremony in private chapel.  This is a great alternative for couples who are eloping to Las Vegas and want to avoid the expensive of some of the more pricy Vegas wedding options.
  • Often wedding couples don’t realize there are wedding planners in Las Vegas that will help them plan services like transportation, photographer, videographer, minister, flowers and decoration within their budget and all available in one package.
  • Brides may opt to DIY some of their own arrangements, for example by having a friend do their photos and save money.  Some companies like Custom Las Vegas Weddings will allow couples to  use their own photographer and save money.
  • Getting the marriage license in Las Vegas isn’t difficult. It only costs $77 no blood test are required.  However, both couples need to be present in clerk’s office to get the license on the same day.

You can also hire a wedding planner to arrange things for you in a limited budget. Hiring a planner from Las Vegas is wise because they know every shop and corner of the city well. This makes it easier for them to stay within your budget. Whether you flee to Las Vegas or arrange your wedding officially with family, things can be arranged in a limited budget.