Few Things to Know Before Selling Your Gold Jewellery

It is very common to see people in India sell their gold jewelry when in need of cash. However, it has been seen that the amount received after selling gold is quite less than expected. Gold jewelry ranges from gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold designs, and many other similar ones. Not only gold but even diamond rings and diamond necklaces are quite in trend these days.

However, there are a few things which are to be kept in mind before considering selling your Gold jewelry.

  1. Maintain a proper invoice

In case you are planning to sell your jewelry and visit your old jewelry shop, they may ask for the previous invoice.  This is done mainly because they would like to clarify the purity and the price of the material being sold. In case the invoice is missing there would be no proper through and hence it would be impossible to sell the gold.

  1. Is your Gold worth the money?

Well, there is no proper standard to determine the actual price of gold which is being sold. The best thing to do here is to visit a few gold stores show them the quality of the gold and get the quotes.  The codes given by each of the stores might be different but you can always go with the one who is going to pay the most.

  1. Judge the purity of your Gold

 before you think of selling you Gold jewelry you should know whether your Gold is pure or not. We find both hallmarked and non-Hallmark jewelry in the market.  so you need to know whether your jewelry is hallmarked or not.  in case your jewelry is not Hallmark there might be fewer chances of it being accepted by any Store. it is always better to to measure the purity of the gold in case you jewellery is non Hallmark and then take it to store for selling.  any store would prefer buying a Hallmark jewellery over non Hallmark ones.

  1. Decide the final price

Usually, most of these gold jewelry when taken to the shop our first melted,  removed of impurities and then the price is decided. The final price usually varies from shop to shop. While some shop will measure the quantity and quality of the goal before setting the price.  whereas there are some other shops who have already set their selling price of gold based on per 10 grams.  this price is usually 4- 5% less than the original price of the gold.  now you should always know that in which have a shop your selling and whatever may the process be there will be some difference between the cost at which you got the gold and the one at which you are going to sell it.

  1. Decide where you can sell your Gold

It is always advisable to visit hi branded or highly reputed jewelry store as they will be able to provide you with the highest market rates. However, it is mostly possible to sell gold jewelry is particularly in those stores from where the gold had been bought.  if you think the gold jewelry to some other store there might be high chances of it being rejected even after presenting the invoice and assuring the quality of standard of the gold being sold.