Finding That Spark in Dating and Diamonds

In both dating and diamonds, people tend to go with gut feelings. It’s only later that what you thought was a spark has subtle flaws in the cut. Sometimes, you see the red flags too late, after you’ve already invested in the relationship or the diamond. Before you put a ring on it, make sure both the ring and the relationship are clear and clean with a spark that holds up. Moreover, what works for one person may not work for you.  Just like you try online dating to find the most compatible choice, opt for custom design jewelry to find the ideal diamond.

At first glance, your date and you may seem to have a spark. Likewise, you may look at a diamond and think its shine is extraordinary. But the only way you can put that spark to the test is to evaluate a diamond upside down against white color in a scientific process. That’s how you’ll see if it’s a true white diamond. Likewise, only through shared experiences over time will you see how a relationship dynamic truly works. It’s key to go beyond your first impressions with diamonds AND dating.

In addition to spark, it’s important to evaluate the weight of diamonds and dating. There are many people you can date on a light-hearted level, but your relationship will only endure if it has weight. Similarly, 5 Carat diamond rings are far more valuable than 1 Carat ones. Indeed, do go below 1 Carat for engagement rings and you’re basically saying you view the relationship casually and well, worthless.

Then, there’s the shape of the relationship and diamond. Every relationship dynamic offers different strengths and weaknesses just like every diamond shape offers altering pros and cons. It’s the kind of thing that custom design jewelry allows you to individualize based on your particular preferences. Round, oval, petite, cushion, and emerald shapes all show off the diamond OR flatter your hand in different ways. We’re all attracted to different qualities in a partner and in a ring cut.  Cushion cuts show off the diamond and petite cuts elongate the fingers. Round is most popular, and emerald is most classic. Truly, having choices is a delight and privilege so indulge in trying out all shapes before committing.

The symbol of a ring on the finger seals commitment because it’s an investment and choice. Don’t make the choice or ring or partner rashly. Opt to carefully consider characteristics thoroughly. The best way to make an informed decision is to individualize the ring as much as possible and select custom design jewelry.  Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but every girl is a unique type of diamond.