Finding the Perfect Match Using Perfect 12 Introductions

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How will you find your ‘special someone’ when you are busy all the time? Maybe you’re building your own company, focusing on reaching your goals financially, or just spending your time enjoying what life has to offer.

The answer to getting everything you want out of life, including someone to share your experiences with, is a professional matchmaking service. But as an individual of means, you shouldn’t settle for just any matchmaking service; look for premier executive matchmaking services that work one on one with their exclusive list of clients.

Being single can be one of the most frustrating things, coupled with the difficult and uncertain nature of dating. As a busy individual looking for a lifetime commitment, you don’t have time to spend frequently dipping into the dating pool in the hopes of finding someone who shares your values and lifestyle. Why not consider hiring a professional matchmaker with years of experience and success stories?

Matchmaking, as efficient as it is, is as old as civilization itself and has proven to be a solution for many exclusive individuals. Right from the start, matchmakers have a very strong influence on how a man and a woman start a life journey together. However, it all depends on the matchmaker.

Perhaps you have become jaded with the dating process, convinced that you will never find the right person to share your life with. Experienced matchmakers are familiar with this situation, which is why they try to make the matchmaking process something that is entirely different and exponentially more lasting than typical online dating.

Finding the perfect match alone in this busy world is not as easy as it seems. And that is why the best option for the elite is to trust in a matchmaker.

The second to none matchmaking service in North America is Perfect 12 Introductions. Founded by Simona Fusco, Perfect 12 puts an emphasis on personal experience and deep communication that helps Simona and her team of elite level matchmaking company find each of their clients a perfect match. Here are some of the ways that Perfect 12 stands out from other matchmakers.

  • Personal Service:

Unlike any other matchmaker you may find, Perfect 12 gives clients the privilege of working directly with company founder and internationally acclaimed matchmaker, Simona Fusco.

  • Your Taste:

Most matchmakers encounter down fall all because they take the taste of their clients lightly. In order to service more clients, they lump them into more general categories, hurting their chances of finding someone who meets all of their desires in a significant other. With the highly professional matchmaking experience employed by matchmakers at Perfect 12, only women or men that meet your specific list of traits will be introduced to you.

  • Our Men and Women are a 12:

Perfect 12 is open to both male and female clients, all of whom must undergo a screening test in order to gauge their level of commitment and their desires in a partner. The service is done in person so that Simona and her team can properly assess their clients and work with them one on one in order to best meet their needs.

  • Celebrity Level Service:

The first matchmaker in history to receive the Global Excellence Award for her work, Simona Fusco has worked with celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, and other high end clients to help them find their perfect match. Her stellar track record and long list of previous success stories are what gives Simona’s matchmaking service such an edge over other matchmakers in California.

If you are a CEO, executive, or other high level person who just doesn’t have the time or the effort to put into dating and are interested in finding someone to spend your life with, check out Perfect 12 Introductions.