Getting to Know More about Bandung

Wonderful Indonesia

Who does not know Bandung? Bandung is the capital of West Java province. The city was in ancient times called Parijs van Java (Dutch) or even”Paris of Java.” And until now Bandung is the middle of style in western Java, and because of its location in the highlands, Bandung is known as a cool location. This makes Bandung among the tourist destination town. This is what you should do when going to Bandung:

Visiting Bandung will be incomplete if you have not been around in Bandung town that’s comfy and beautiful, such as Asia Afrika, Braga, Cihampelas and a lot more, and you’ll be able to go around Bandung city with BANDROS (Bandung Tour on Bus). Even though it is acknowledged that the effects of global warming are already heating the town of Bandung, the onslaught of modernization and evolution has replaced the old buildings of Bandoeng Tempo Doeloe. But, the coolness of Bandung, a fantastic place to eat, and also the distinctive old city corners can nevertheless be enjoyed by visitors and fans of the city of Bandung.

When talking about culinary, Bandung has countless culinary places, ranging from luxury restaurants, cafes, and food stalls are cheap to a comfortable roadside stall can all be located in Bandung. In the high price for a luxury dinner or a reasonable price to just hanging out with friends or family while filling the stomach is all complete in Bandung. Bandung special foods such as batagor, meatballs, and cakes of various flavors and forms remain popular as souvenirs from the city of Bandung.

If you hear the term fashion, Bandung is the place. Starting from the top of the head to toe do have a distinctive fashion tailored to the needs of the consumer. On how Riau you can locate all types and versions of clothes because here is the middle of Factory Outlet in Bandung, in case you go to Cascade Fashion House or Heritage The Factory Outlet you can find whatever you are interested in your fashion needs as for Cihampelas, Cibaduyut, and several others. There are lots of exciting places around Bandung city center, such as various heritage buildings of colonial Dutch or Bandung Heritage for example Gedung Sate, independent building, and several others.