Gorgeous Mismatched Mermaid Gowns: One for Every Bridesmaid!

Winter is here, and so is the wedding season! So, if you are going to get hitched this winter, and are looking for ideas that would make your bridesmaids look like divas, then you have landed on the right blog. While many brides want her squad to deck up in gray and navy dresses, there are some who ask them to sport something traditional such as long red dresses in tulle or crepe! But, if you ask me, then I would say that nothing can beat the glamour of a winter wonderland “I do” more than sequined or beaded mermaid gowns. And for those members of the team, who say “Not my type!” to sequin-dusted or shiny dresses, gorgeous mermaid gowns in satin can do the wonders.

What? Not sure whether your bridesmaids would agree to don these dresses or not? Worry not; this mismatched set ideally consists of a wide variety of dresses, one ideal for every member of your squad. Read on to explore.

  • Deep-neck Rose Gold Gown for the Daring Friend – So, your group consist of that one person, who is ready to try on anything and everything? Well then, I am sure that she rocks the party in shiny dresses and LBDs every Saturday, and is typically known as the fashion queen! Then, on your big day, make her wear a beautiful rose gold mermaid gown with a plunging neckline. Trust me, she would absolutely love it. These kind of long bridesmaid dresses are widely available online, and you will get a lot of options in terms of backline as well.
  • Simple Halter-neck Mermaid Gown for Your First Cousin – Then, in the bridesmaid squad, is your first cousin looking for something sober for her, and wants to sport a traditional color such as maroon or bright red. I can understand your dilemma, but worry not; in these kinds of mismatched sets, you will also get a simple halter-neck mermaid gown. So, just relax and start searching for a reliable site, with positive customer reviews from today itself. And yes, do not forget to check if they customize the dresses according to the given measurements or not.
  • Pretty Golden Dress for Your Niece – So, is there a junior member in the squad as well? Yes, I’m talking about your niece. Well then, get something that would suit the age of your niece such as a pretty golden mermaid dress with a simple sweetheart or square neckline. Make her feel special as she is the one who would always stick with you on your big day!
  • Wine-red Dress for Your Colleague – Remember those days when you used to enter your office late, only to find out that your coffee is ready to be sipped on, all made by your colleague, who eventually became your closest friend? And also those days, when she used to help you deck up for the after-office dates? So, make her feel precious and appreciated by gifting her wine-red mermaid dress with a dramatic neckline such as an off-shoulder or asymmetrical one.
  • Scoop-neck Mermaid Gown in Ox-blood for Your Childhood Friend – If your childhood friend is flying her way down for your wedding, then make sure you call her up once, take the right measurements and order a mermaid gown in a rich hue such as ox-blood, to make her stand out in the crowd. After all, she was your first friend ever! Wondering about the neckline? Well, a scoop-neck would look great for this dress!

So, now that you know which set of mismatched long bridesmaid dresses you need to order for your lovelies, don’t delay anymore and start your hunt now. Make sure that they are able to shine and feel comfortable and confident on your big day. All the best!

Author Bio: Popular for her blogs on long bridesmaid dresses, Sophia Geller is a fashion designer who shares inspiring ideas on a regular basis. To get ideas for prom or homecoming dresses, please read her blogs.