Greater Details for the Proper Flower Options

So you want everything on the wedding day to be flawless and memorable forever! Particularly worried because of the details are the “heroes of the day,” who spend only weeks, if not months, on just one choice of style of dress from hundreds of existing ones. But if the dress is finally chosen, you can have a little breath and then enjoy the selection of other accessories for it. Here you will find many options for the bride’s bouquet. The wedding florist is the best person in this matter.


If the bride’s choice fell on the style of the dress where the waistline is too high, a fan-shaped composition will be stylistically correct for the bouquet. A stricter dress or even a white suit, chosen by a business woman, will require a bouquet in the form of a “daddy” or “scepter”.

For tall bride, florists recommend choosing round shaped bouquets with large flowers. Girls of short stature may allow bouquets with flowing elements and small buds.

To soften facial features and give an image of tenderness, choose a bouquet in pastel colors with delicate buds, peonies, English rose, freesia are ideal in this case.

Flowers in your bouquet will help to bring the image to perfection. Flowers such as lilies of the valley, chamomile, family rose and other plants with small flowers can soften excessive severity in the image. Add to the image of romance, youthful enthusiasm, femininity.

Fantasy florists can combine 2 wedding decoration elements as well as create a handbag bouquet. Small white flowers are attached to the spherical frame, and it seems that the bride has a lace reticule in her hands, which also exudes a delicate fragrance.

This idea

To create something similar to other accessories from flowers – can be developed, and then an unusually spectacular flower coupling will come out. Or, if the bouquet is chosen rather traditional form, it can be supplemented with a thin floral bracelet.

Designers-florists of rose petals are able to “bake” a bouquet-cake or even a cake, which, of course, will be enjoyed by the sweet tooth.

The choice of the form and style of the bouquet is a pleasant prerogative of the bride herself, and the work of the specialists is to show the richness of the possibilities of modern florists.

Bridal bouquet is one of the main elements of the image of the main character of the wedding. Wedding floristry offers a variety of bouquets: various shapes and shades, styles and colors. How to choose a bouquet so that it harmoniously matches the individual image of the bride?

When choosing a bridal bouquet, first of all you need to focus on the style of the wedding dress. For example, a white bridal bouquet will suit a classic dress, pastel bouquets with delicate roses and peonies are suitable for a milky dress. If the wedding is organized in a rustic style, then a bouquet of wild flowers will look good.