Having An Out of the Box Wedding or Reception

Weddings are no longer just the regular church wedding and club reception any more. People are getting married in many different wedding venues that can stretch as far as their imagination and budget. The same can be said for the ideas or themes that are being done when it comes to weddings and wedding receptions.

If a couple wants an all ecofriendly wedding and reception, they can find a sustainable wedding venue that grows all of the produce that will be used for the wedding and locally sources everything. Unique décor can be found in antique or thrift shops. They can find ways to reuse the flowers once the ceremony is over and to make sure the food isn’t just thrown away. And people can receive baby trees to plant once they get home as their take home gift.

There are many different wedding venues in Fort Worth Tx and one of the unique possible places to get married is AT&T Stadium, which is where the Cowboy’s play. In almost every state a Baseball or Football stadium can be rented so that a wedding can be performed there. If you want to get married in the stands where you experienced your first date, on the field or to have a more elegant affair then in a club within the stadium. For other unique wedding venues look at The 17 Most Unique Wedding Venues We’ve Ever Seen a ‘The Knot’ article that shows out of the box possible wedding venues.

When it comes to entertainment at a wedding reception so many people were mainly stuck between a live band or a DJ and that no longer needs to be the only entertainment for your reception. So many couples are getting photo booths allowing their guests to dress up and take fun pictures. There are also interactive tables where they can make things to take home or something that the couple will donate to some place afterward. For more reception ideas check out 12 alternative entertainment ideas for a unique wedding reception, an article from Martha Stewart Wedding site, which gives ideas to keep your guests entertained throughout your reception.

The great thing is a wedding and wedding reception doesn’t have to be cookie cutter. The rules for weddings have been thrown out or at least changed when it comes to most situations. If you and your spouse to be are from completely different cultural backgrounds then why not incorporate parts of both cultures into the ceremony and reception. No one needs to feel like they can’t have a seat of honor for a lost loved one or that they can’t video chat a family member who can’t be there.

Weddings can happen on the side of a cliff with just the couple and a person to officiate the union or can be held in a theater that can hold thousands. You can go as traditional as you want or get married while skydiving from a plane. What makes the wedding is the couple and how they choose to share it with the world.