Here are the Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends of 2020

Modern grooms and brides prefer modern cuts for their engagement rings. But the classic stones and cuts never go out of style. Everyone wants the best for their big day, to make it memorable and a mark forever. Many trends come and go; all of them leave some mark. Every year sees a different trend for wedding rings and this year has been no different. Let us take a look at the different trends or more precisely, cuts that are in trend and are most wanted by couples this year.

The Georgian Inspired Cut

The Georgian era has left a huge mark on the market of jewelry. The rings are made up of antique and unique gemstones with a highly vintage look and setting. The most prominent Georgian inspired cut shows a horizontal setting of the centerpiece gemstone also known as the East-West setting lined along with smaller stones on both sides. This era also extensively used pearls and old mine-cut diamonds as the centerpiece stone over golden bands. 

The Colored Centerpiece Stone

A trend that is heavily famous in 2020 is the use of a single color of gemstones in the center. Mostly gold bands are used to enhance the color of the particular gemstone. A combination of old mine-cut diamonds with small pinkish ruby, deep blue sapphire on a platinum band, the North-South marquise style with a Muzo emerald and small diamonds on a thick gold band, silver calcite topped with black diamond are some of the unique and high-end examples for the colored centerpiece stone trend.

The Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is by far the most versatile ring cut for engagement rings, which is back in trend for 2020. In this cut, all big gemstones like diamond, sapphire, and emerald itself are cut into the emerald shape set in the East-West or North-South direction as preferred by the customer. These look very sophisticated and charming, attracting lots of light.

The Classic Solitaire Cut

The classic solitaire cut was lost for a few years in between but again has made a prolific comeback this year. This cut uses classic and antique pieces to decorate the center placed on platinum bands or white gold. Mostly, diamonds are used but many ring makers also use other gemstones for the centerpiece.

Last but not the least, the Anouk Jewelry nature engagement rings are setting a new trend this year and are quite popular for their eye-catchy designs and intricate detailing.