Hide-and-Seek Beach of Orissa

In the territory of Odisha, close Balasore Village in the residential area of Chandipur, it is a very confined place covered in secret. It’s exceptional in light of the fact that the ocean water occasionally vanishes directly before your eyes, at that point returns after some time.

Likewise called the ‘hide-and-seek’ shoreline, Chandipur Beach is a rambling stretch of brilliant sand encompassed by Casuarina trees, perfect waters, and rich waterfront vegetation. In any case, an unusual regular wonder happens here consistently. Trust it or not, the ocean water retreats up to 5 kilometers (3 miles), two times per day amid low-tide, deserting just the shells. The water returns amid the high tide.

This outrageous normal marvel has truly improved the biodiversity of ocean animals in the region. At the point when the ocean water re-shows up, it carries alongside it horseshoe crabs and red crabs, which generally live further from the shoreline.

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Things to See and Experience in this Orissa Beach

  • Beautiful Setting

A stroll along the seabed of the shoreline in the organization of the pleasant magnificence of the surroundings is a stroll to recollect. The shoreline is certifiably not an exceptionally occupied and marketed one, it is quiet and tranquil; calm and just so wonderful. Surrendering yourself in the arms of nature and giving its peaceful atmosphere a chance to dissolve away your worries of day by day life will restore you in a way you can’t envision.

  • Horseshoe Crabs

The one of a kind event of the subsiding shoreline, it is home to assorted biodiversity. When the ocean withdraws, you can really observe them to a great degree uncommon horseshoe crabs strolling appropriate by you as you approach the seabed/The red crabs don’t sting or trouble you by any stretch of the imagination, indeed, they are wonderful amazement. Their dynamic shading and unordinary structure make you need to gaze at them unendingly.

  • Succulent Seafood

Chandipur is eminent for its uncommonly made ocean bottom. There are many shoreline shacks that give their acclaimed ocean depths dishes at truly moderate rates. So ensure you attempt Chandipur’s acclaimed divine Odia-style broiled prawns and pomfrets when you’re there!

  • Seeing the Sunset

The unselfish wad of orange fire setting into the skyline, vanishing as it submerges itself in the silver waters, transforms the whole sky into a craftsman’s palette of warm hues. The waters mirror its last beams and shimmer with euphoria as the colossal star offers an approach to other million ones. One must make it a point to observe this wonderful marvels at the Chandipur Beach.

  • Chandipur Beach Festival

Chandipur shoreline celebration, otherwise called Golden Beach Festival, is a standout amongst the most praised celebrations of the district. The four-day excessive celebration of Odisha is commended each year in January/February. The celebration has an assortment of the social program including the provincial move styles, for example, Bihu, Sambalpuri, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Ghumar, and Odissi.

Cuisines in Chandipur

Being on an ocean side you can taste the absolute best ocean nourishments accessible in an extraordinary assortment of decisions. This is where you can discover shoddy prawns, fishes, and crabs. There are numerous eateries and inns which offer incredible ocean depths. Coconut water is promptly accessible and is profoundly suggested, as it is filling and is fantastic for wellbeing as well. In any case, in the event that you are searching for brew or rum, bounce into Sanju drive-thru food on the shoreline or Tapan skillet shop in the town.

How to Reach Chandipur

Chandipur is a very small part of Orissa and thus it doesn’t offer any air terminal of its own. In this way, you need to depend on adjacent urban areas on the off chance that you are voyaging through a plane. The city offers only two of the nearest air terminals to Chandipur one from Bhubaneswar and the other one from Kolkata. Chandipur is all around associated with different urban communities by means of roadways. Going to Chandipur from transports and cabs is very simple. Chandipur doesn’t have an individual railroad station, so you can take a train up to Balasore which has the nearest train station.


Best Time to Visit Chandipur

It is best to visit Chandipur amid the winter season. The temperature is chilly, and the vibe is charming amid the winter months. The summers are colossally sweltering in Chandipur. Monsoon is a decent time to visit Chandipur, as the successive showers improve the excellence of Chandipur’s environment. In any case, it experiences the issue of moistness. Winters acquire coolness the air, and it ends up reviving to appreciate.

However, the one of a kind claim to fame of this shoreline is the ebb tides that subside around 1 to 4 km amid low tides and they will, in general, vanish musically. This has a staggering perspective of the rising sun and furthermore of the sun suffocating some place past waters giving dining experience to the eyes. At the point when the water vanishes, you can even take jeep ride towards the ocean. Therefore this mysterious trip to Chandipur is considered by the couples as one of the best honeymoon & romantic packages in India for planning their lovely honeymoons.