Hosting a Virtual Wedding and Parties

Social distancing rules and mandatory quarantine is no fun, but it doesn’t have to put a damper on your wedding plans. Having a virtual bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding is a fun way to include everyone in your special celebration. No longer will your special events be limited only to those who can travel or get childcare. With virtual celebrations, you can celebrate your love in a novel way that nobody will soon forget. 

Bridal Shower Brunch

You can host a virtual brunch by having your favorite bakery or online caterer send treats to all of your guests. Encourage everyone to dress up and bring a drink, and enjoy a fun bridal shower by video conference. If everyone is local, you can even have full meals delivered to their homes. Set up party games that you can all play together. Have your gifts sent directly to your home and open them on camera to oohs and ahhhs from guests all over the country (or the world!) 

Have bridesmaid shirts made in advance and give them to your bridal party for them to wear at the upcoming bachelorette party. You can have their bridesmaid gifts sent to them in advance as well. 

Host a Virtual Movie Night

There are many ways that you can celebrate your bachelorette party virtually, and a movie night is one of the most fun. Send each person a movie gift pack that includes microwave popcorn and snacks. Have everyone download the popular Netflix Party app, that allows you to sync your movie watching and live chat throughout the showing. A virtual movie night brings everyone together, even when they’re far apart. 

Host a Sip and Paint Bachelorette Party

A virtual Sip and Paint party is one of the easiest you can throw. There is no limit to how many friends you can invite, and the more the merrier. Simply order the paint supplies and have them sent to each partygoer in advance. Set up a conference call and encourage everyone to bring their favorite drink. You can even hire a DJ to jump into the conference and play your favorite tunes while everyone paints. 

Make the party even more fun by ordering printed bachelorette party shirts that everyone can wear during the festivities. Send out tiaras, feather boas and fun inflatables for even more fun. 

The Big Day

The fun doesn’t have to end with the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. Many couples have found that hosting a virtual wedding is a fun way to share their love with friends and family from afar. One of the biggest benefits of a virtual wedding is that you can invite more people to celebrate. Most video conference rooms can include up to 100 people, so feel to open up your guest list. 

You can order beautiful backdrops and have flowers delivered to your home to create a beautiful virtual venue. Hire an officiant who can conduct the ceremony via video-conference. Alternatively, some couples choose to have their weddings in an empty church and include only the minister. 

In some states, online weddings are legally binding, while in others, you will simply enjoy a symbolic ceremony until you can physically go to a marriage license center.

Virtual weddings are one of the best ways to allow everyone to share in your special day when travel isn’t possible. You can host a virtual reception immediately following the ceremony by asking everyone to get a glass of their favorite drink and offer toasts in your honor. For a really memorable celebration, hire a DJ and enjoy a first dance and a rocking reception right from your living room. You can customize your wedding any way you want with the ceremonial cake cutting, dances and other traditions. (Although the bouquet toss might be a bit of a challenge). Your guests can send the wedding gifts ahead of time and you can wrap them and display them at your virtual reception. 

Don’t let stay at home orders ruin your big day. You can still celebrate your new union with the ones you love. A virtual bridal shower is a fun way to bring all of your friends and special guests together for a day of fun. There are endless ideas for your virtual bachelorette party, from paint and sip to movie and game nights. Finally, your wedding day can be every bit as special as an in-person event with all of the flowers, music and sentiment that you have planned. 

Start planning your virtual wedding festivities today.