How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Wedding Emcee in Singapore?

For a picture-perfect wedding anchoring, you need an Emcee or MC- the master of ceremony. If your Singaporean wedding is all set to happen in the next few days, along with finding the best caterer and inviting a limited list of guests, find a wedding MC. Singapore is one of those places housing the finest wedding emcees but if you lack sufficient reference, find a good Wedding Emcee Singapore online. The internet helps you connect with the most talented emcees in Singapore.

How much does it cost to hire a wedding emcee in Singapore?

This is one of the most-asked FAQs when it comes to hiring an emcee in Singapore. The standard cost that a professional emcee in Singapore charge is around $2,000-3,000. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the administrations of many countries have restricted the guest’s limitations. Thus, you might also have to specifically choose the guests at your wedding and have to keep the party short but sweet.

As you talk to the live bands for the wedding party celebration, you can also discuss the same with the emcees you have shortlisted. During the interview session, you can discuss your expectations for the wedding party and what will be their services within a short time. As the economy has drastically collapsed during the pandemic, the budget of your wedding might also be limited or you and your partner may not want to have a grand wedding party during this tough time.

Therefore, let the emcee host your wedding party briefly and let the guests enjoy their time at your nuptial celebration. You might find an emcee in less than $2,000 if the time period is less and the party is brief.

Make a list of the top-rated emcees first and up next you give them a call personally for an appointment. While interviewing, besides discussing their cost, point out some exclusive qualities of the emcee before you decide to appoint that person for anchoring your wedding party.

Here are a few qualities of a wedding emcee in Singapore based on which the cost is judged


You would definitely like to give the responsibility of hosting your post-wedding party to a well-organized emcee. The opening remarks of the MC shouldn’t be long; rather to the point and precise. This person the master of ceremony should be very organized about knowing the names and the subsequent functions that are about to take place.

If the band is about to play next, the MC introduces the band to the guests on behalf of the hosts. They memorize the names of each and every band member and introduce them along with a few good lines about the wedding and by wishing the hosts.

Well-informed about the ceremony

Along with being organized, a good wedding emcee in Singapore charges higher with an excellent reputation for their memory. You would want the emcee conducting your wedding party should be well-informed about every single guest, host, and about the performers at the wedding.

Must do their homework

A professional emcee is expected to do their share of homework before reaching at your wedding party as a host. He or she can do a little research and prepare their speech about the families, the two people getting married, about their pets, their academic careers, how they started dating and ended up together, etc. The emcee can use those small pieces of information during the brief speeches in the middle of the live band performances. Such nice words will make the couples more emotional while enjoying their union with their families and close friends.

Humorous but sensitive too

Find a humorous emcee performing in Singapore for quite some time. Guests love humor in the speech but it should be within the parameters as many people can’t tolerate the phase when the humor takes a turn of satire. Therefore, preparing a witty speech with an undertone of humor will always impress your guests. Your wedding party expects to have some laughter, some tears, some emotions, lots of “awee” moments, and a plethora of joy.

Like any other host, you would like to pay more to an emcee with the flair of drafting the amazing speech to unify all your guests at the weddings. The live bands performing at the party can also get charged by the amazing words of the emcee that boosts their enthusiasm to perform.

A great communicator

Emcees are expected to be great communicators. They bridge in between the hosts and the guests and shoulder the responsibility to carry on the wedding party.

While discussing the project, if you find the emcee to be really funny and witty –you can go forward to hiring the professional for your Singaporean wedding.

What are the things to ask before negotiating the cost of the Emcee services at your wedding in Singapore?

What is the total experience of the emcee?

Before negotiating the costs or finalizing the deal with the emcee to conduct your wedding party in Singapore, ask about the total experience of the professional. You must know since when the emcee is anchoring at the Singaporean weddings. At your wedding, you must always want an expert emcee to conduct the whole ceremony as well as the party. Normally, MCs doing these jobs have the natural flair of speaking. However, hiring someone with professional experience will always be a plus.

Can you watch a performance of the emcee?

Before fixing the cost and hiring the emcee, ask them whether you can watch any of their performance or not. They can show you videos of previous weddings they have anchored or they can even invite you to attend a wedding where the emcee will perform next to see their efficiency in luring the guests and motivating the performers.

What type of service will the emcee provide at your wedding?

When the emcee charges $2,000 or even $5,000- ask about how they will conduct the anchoring service. By knowing the services, hiring the emcee for your Singaporean wedding is viable.