How to Choose Pearl Sizes that Suits You?

The value of pearls you choose depends on its type. The next important factor is size. The larger the size of the pearl, the higher its value is. Ultimately, it’s your preference that decides the size of the pearl. Smaller ones give you a classic look, while the larger ones give you the luxurious statement.

  • 6-7mm size

A woman can have her first set of pearls from this size range. It suits well for petite women. This is the size that goes well up to 16 years of age. The earrings suit well for little girls.

  • 7-8mm size

The staple pearl necklace is made of pearls from this size range. This goes well with your office attire or to cocktail parties or an errand to the nearest supermarket or any special occasion. This always suits any mood and any outfit. The studs are highly suitable for age group 16-60 years of age.

  • 8-9mm size

From here starts the “luxury zone” of pearl jewelry. It gives elegance and luxury to the wearer. The size gives a thumbs-up to the glamour quotient. The studs are above “normal”, but it does not dominate or overwhelm the outfit or the occasion. It goes well for both formal and party wear.

  • 9-10mm size

This size is the largest of any Akoya and Freshwater variety and the smallest of South Sea variety. A statement jewelry made out these water beauties, will make the diva out of you. The studs give a highly sensuous avatar, while not being over-dramatic.

  • 10-11mm and above size

Freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea varieties come under this category. Freshwater goes up to 11mm, while Tahitian and South Sea varieties goes up to 14mm. They come in shades of black, white and gold. The studs are of moderate weight and does not hang from the lobes.


The pearl sizes are shown in gradation of 0.5mm or 1.0mm. It is natural to dismiss this as small. But remember, that this gradation has a huge increase in volume and weight. Choose those sizes that suit your body build, skin tone and your personality. There is a perfect fit for every woman.