How to Choose the Best Wedding Reception Entertainment for Your New Jersey Wedding

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That moment when you hear “you may now kiss the bride” you’ll appreciate all the work and time that has gone into planning your wedding. You will see how it was all worth it. From here, the party begins with all your friends and family getting together at the wedding reception. The celebration is expected to have great food and drink and the crowning moment is the entertainment. What options do you have for entertainment and which should you choose?

Family and Friends

Unique weddings don’t conform to the societal expectations for wedding entertainment. The norm for many wedding receptions is to have a band or DJ, but this doesn’t mean it’s the only way to entertain your guests. You can have your family members and friends showcase their talent in music or poetry. Your wedding can a great opportunity for the talent in your family to show through singing, DJ or even playing in a band.

Local Bands and Performers

If there’s one place on the face of the earth you can’t miss talent then it must be New Jersey. There are plenty of performers and local bands you can hire for your big day. Experts who have organized and witnessed some of the most memorable weddings in Ocean County NJ can offer you suggestions for the best performers. You can also link up with reputable entertainers through social media platforms or use the good old way of asking around a night clubs and local bars.

Disk Jockeys

A Disk Jockey, also known as a DJ is the most popular choice for a wedding reception entertainment. According to wedding venues Ocean County experts, there are more advantages to hiring a DJ than a band. To begin with, they are cheaper because they have all the music. DJs will get all your guests on the floor and can even play everyone favorite music on request. Interview potential DJ’s before the wedding so you can learn their personality, the equipment they have and if they have your music selection.

Weddings in Ocean County NJ are never complete without entertainment. Because this is your day, go for an option you’re most happy with instead of just settling for an option because you don’t want to splurge money on this.

The entertainment option you choose should also be flexible. One reason why many couples go for DJ’s is because they’re flexible. They can play soft music when the ceremony is taking place and then play dance music at the reception. Music sets the mood at many wedding venues Ocean County so it’s in your best interest to take time and choose the right option.