How To Choose The Unique Venue For Your Wedding?

While planning to select a unique wedding venue for you, most people will think of the basics like capacity and the rate. But choosing a good wedding venue can really make or break your planning experience. Your unique wedding venues in Sydney should set the tone for your wedding. Also, it should be a place which makes your guests and you feeling happy on your big day. Everything and everyone come together and centres on the wedding venue, so keep these things in mind when choosing yours:

Suits Your Personalities

Every couple is unique, so work as a team to find a venue that includes both of your tastes. You may opt for a simple beach wedding, a modern loft, or a grand manor house, but make sure that the wedding venues in Sydney you choose suits your personalities.

Check The Venue’s Vendor Policies.

While choosing a venue for your wedding, you need to make sure that it offers a big list of approved vendors so that you could choose the one you like the most. Some wedding venues won’t let you stray from the list at all and in some case, they will charge you an additional fee if you stray from the list. Before signing, you need to take some time to meet the vendors and know about them.  You need to make sure you comb through the fine print for any additional hidden fees, since there are chances of paying the wedding venues in Sydney a rental or usage fee of some sort.

Ask About Renovations.

During your planning visit, ask if the best wedding venues in Sydney have any scheduled renovations or large projects planned during the time of year you are considering. The last thing you want is for that gorgeous view you fell in love with to be obstructed; or not have access to the spa if you planned on spending some time in the saunas or steams de-stressing before the craziness.

Terms Of Ease 

For your grand wedding, you can ask your guests to go to your church and then have a drive to the reception venue which takes an hour is fairly common; people may do it obviously. But make sure that does not give you more stress. Also, makes sure whether your guests are convenient about the multiple locations. Make sure whether it costs more. These considerations greatly depend on the weather, time of the year, size of the wedding, costs, and so on.


Take into consideration the size of your guest list and what you want to happen on the day. Make sure to choose the venue that could accommodate more guests, or has the perfect intimate ceremony space for you and your 10 guests.