How to hire a wedding photo booth that will fit in your space?

A fun wedding photo booth adds interactive entertainment for your guests while capturing candid memories. However, setting up the booth in your venue space requires some strategic planning. You want to ensure the rental company brings a booth that fits the allotted area. 

  • Measure exactly – Measure your photo booth space precisely rather than estimating it. Make sure you know how wide, high, and deep the booth area will be. Also, measure any doorways or entry points the booth needs to fit through. Provide the rental company with detailed dimensions to determine which booth size will work best. Trying to squeeze a too-large booth into a small space will be problematic.
  • Consider your guest list size- The number of wedding guests you’re having factors into the size you need. Small weddings can benefit from compact booths that can accommodate 2-4 people. For 100+ guests, you likely need a larger booth that fits 6-8 guests at once. More guests mean a longer line if the booth is too small. So that people do not have to wait too long for a turn, make sure your booth capacity matches your guest list.
  • Ask about customization options – When choosing a photo booth, consider an open-style photo booth without walls to maximize space. The backdrop is attached to existing walls or dividers. Enclosed booths take up more floor space. Ask what customization options are available to make the booth suit your layout.
  • Consider how much circulation space you need – Don’t just measure the booth footprint itself. Be sure to allow ample space around the photo booth for people to circulate and form lines. Having a booth crammed into a tight corner with no room to queue up results in congestion. Leave a few feet around at least one side for an organized line.  
  • Book the time slot strategically- If your venue has a separate room you’ll use for dancing after dinner, save the snap booth for that space. The booth will get more use on the dance floor than being tucked away during dinner. Or if you have a small ceremony space, only rent the booth for the reception after moving to a larger ballroom. Strategic timing and placement save space.
  • Get recommendations from your venue – Check to see if there are any restrictions or recommendations for photo booths at your ceremony or reception venue. They may suggest booth sizes that work well in their spaces. Some venues prohibit enclosed booths or require insurance paperwork. Ask ahead of time so you follow their guidelines.  
  • Hire an attendant- Having a photo booth attendant offers extra assurance your booth will run smoothly in any sized space. They adjust components if needed and direct guests in tight quarters.

Renting a photo booth for your wedding is easy. Avoid issues by first considering your space and guest list needs, then hiring a rental company that provides the right-sized booth. This allows your guests to capture memorable pictures while enjoying the celebration.