How To Prepare For A Perfect Prenup Shoot


Your heart is still fluttering every time you remember your fiancé’s romantic proposal, but now you also have the jitters preparing for your wedding. Yes, getting married is exciting, fun and everything but it’s one of the few things which can make a woman nervous and anxious. There are many things to prepare and plan for, and you have to make sure you do not miss anything. If you are planning on getting married in Texas, there are many places you can choose for the ceremony. But if you want a romantic wedding with lesser preparation, you can opt for Galveston Beach wedding packages. Since it is a package, it often includes everything. Although you still have to make your choices, it is more comfortable.

Most of the time, a prenuptial shoot is part of a wedding package. And even if it is not, it’s a step you should not miss. You only get married once; you would want to capture every moment leading to your wedding day. And your prenuptial photos will always remind you of your love story even when you grow old. So if you are preparing for your shoot, here are some things you can do to make it perfect.

Plan a Theme

Before anything else, you need to think of a theme. Everything else you do will follow your subject. There are hundreds of ideas to choose from but try to pick one that fits both of you. Or select a theme that unfolds your story or what you want your future to be. You may also choose a theme based on your interests. Some of the most common prenuptial ideas are an adventure, rustic, fairytale, movie, romantic and the beach.

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Prepare Props

Once you have chosen your theme, it is time to prepare your props. You can select some items that are significant to both of you. Try to look for perfect accessories and background that fits your theme as a whole. But make sure that they do not stand out. Remember, it’s your shoot, you are the highlight of every single shot, props are just there to spice things up and make the entirety of the images look great.

Choose Your Wardrobe

Now it is time to choose your wardrobe. If you are planning to have different styles, then prepare 3 to 5 sets of outfit for you and your fiancé. Choose clothes that fit you and highlight your best features. It is also ideal to choose your fashion based on your theme.

Pick a Stylist

Since your looks during the shoot are something, you will always see even after many decades. Prepare for it by making yourself look your best. Hiring a stylist is ideal for this occasion. But do not just pick one. Check their portfolio and choose one who fits your style.

Find Your Perfect Spot

Now, you are ready to hunt for your locations. You may opt to shoot in one place or different places. What’s important is that you prepare for it and organize your itinerary so as not to waste time and so you can plan accordingly.

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