How To Wear Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions

When you’re choosing a colour for your hair extensions, it may feel as though you just can’t find the perfect match for your hair, no matter how hard you try. Don’t Stress! Simply remember that hair extensions don’t necessarily have to match your hair perfectly; they will blend in with your natural hair.

It’s a good idea to look at all of the hair extension packs of the same colour; each one will look somewhat different especially if you’re getting 100{204b2fb84ebc779baa5a810396d1931e154e1daa0662a4fb55d19ea1031df6e7} REMY hair. If you are having significant colour choice anxiety, buy the one that’s closest to your natural hair colour from Jadore Australia.

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  • Steps for Applying Your Clip-In Extensions

  1. First, curl your natural hair with a 1/2 inch curling iron to make loose wavy hair. Don’t worry about creating perfect curls, the goal here is just to add volume to your hair.
  2. Brush your hair extensions out and curl them. With your left hand, grab hold of your extensions firmly and hold tiny clumps of hair and curl them with the iron.
  3. As soon you’ve curled every extension panel, place them on a flat surface to make the curl to set and cool in this shape.
  4. Apply the first layer with the clip panel. Part your hair across the back of your head from the mid-ear to the other ear, then put the rest of your hair up and so it’s out of the way. Snap in the far right clip behind your ear, just below where you parted your hair. Then go over to the middle clip and repeat.
  5. Apply the next layer with the four-clip panel. Start by putting your hair down and creating another part. This time part your hair from the top of each ear to the opposite ear. Follow the exact pattern right until you have the section centred along your head.
  6. Clip the remaining small hair extensions and place one in the back of your head and on each side of your head.
  7. Blend and smooth with your hairbrush. Once all of the hair extensions are clipped in, make sure you brush out the ends to blend in with your natural hair.

Storage and Maintenance

  • Make sure that your hair extensions are kept in a large bag; a ziplock bag works well. Then lay the extensions out as flat as possible, so they don’t tangle.
  • Brush your extensions out with a boar bristle brush or re-curl the extensions from time to time.
  • In case your clips become loose, you can use a sewing kit to re-sew any loose clips back into place.
  • Your clip-ins will need to be cleaned regularly. You can clean them by just using some shampoo and condition as you do with your natural hair. After cleaning your hair extensions you should lay them on an absorbent microfibre towel to soak up any remaining moisture.
  • When the extensions are dry, brush them out to avoid tangling.