Morocco’s breezy coastal cities

While that is absolutely true, Morocco does have a sandy coastline of 1,200 miles, choosing one isn’t as troublesome as you might think. Thanks to Morocco’s coastal cities and heavenly beaches, you’ll be able to enjoy sand differently.

Our top picks for 2dmc amazing Moroccan beaches will surely spark some ideas for events or romantic outings.

1 – La Source, Taghazout.

This charming village is merely a one-hour drive away from Agadir. The way to La source is quite rugged, given that it’s mainly visited by surfers who do not mind going through rough terrain. Of course, going with a DMC Morocco will result in a flawless and relaxing trip. Although, some visitors take pleasure in these kinds of minor mishaps. The village’s coast is blessed with opportune waves that brighten up every surfer’s heart.

2 – MoulayBouzerktoune.

Situated in Essaouira, MoulayBouzerktoune was a “hippie haven”. People who were involved within the counterculture movement adored this place, and we certainly can’t blame them. The amazing allure of MoulayBouzerktoune is still taking effect. People from all over the world are visiting Essaouira just for its gorgeous coastal beaches and windy atmosphere. Windsurfing is popular all year round, and locals are always ecstatic to meet with newcomers. This place is flawless. The beaches are heavenly, and the locals complement the experience.


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