Phoenix AZ Top 5 Family Photographers

Ah, Phoenix sunshine – how you love us. With the production of some of the country’s most lovely sun-dappled natural light photography, your photographers win over and over again, and the photography of your families is fortunate. Our list of the best photographers of the Phoenix family includes a variety of styles and skill levels, but every exceptional person has a delight in helping families build timeless and modern photographic heritage.

  • Lisa Eley

Lisa Eley’s art has a bright, welcoming feel that is ideal for families living in sunny Arizona. Her art frequently has a Southwestern feel to it, and she has an excellent eye for rustic, natural design. She uses a combination of classical and experimental compositions to create images that range from conventional to a little more current. Lisa Eley is also a wedding photographer in the Phoenix region, which influences some of her color and editing choices – if you enjoy that kind of style, you’ll adore Lisa Eley. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link Phoenix AZ Family Photographer.

  • Claire Waite

Claire Waite is a Phoenix-based family photographer that specializes in newborn photos as well as documenting your child’s early milestones. Of course, that isn’t all she does, but it does give her a unique ability to capture children in their entire splendor – innocence, mischief, and unconditional love. Children are often thought of as simple beings who are only beginning to develop, but Claire Waite sees them in all of their endless complexity. In her work, children are frequently the center of attention. The photographs have a natural look to them, with vivid colors and minimum processing.

  • Sweetlife Photography’s Amanda Borst

Amanda Borst’s color correction exemplifies the jewel-toned trend that’s sweeping Instagram, in which skin tones are pushed towards orange, greens toward teals, and the entire image has a gorgeous matte finish. Your friends will be envious of how well-dressed your complete family is.

  • Cozy Clicks’ Emily Supiot

Emily Supiot, a Phoenix family photographer, is known for her dreamy, hazy background bokeh, which she typically enhances digitally. Some of her photographs have a magical quality to them as a result of this. Others are more direct and photojournalistic, but they all display her strong sense of composition, contrast, and color.

  • Kacy Hughes

Kacy’s best work features the stunning backdrop of Phoenix’s natural scenery, and her colors blend in beautifully with the bright greens of the desert. It’s a uniquely Western design, bright and cheerful, and a perfect match for most family pictures. These are photographs that depict your family in a natural, enjoyable way that isn’t overly theatrical or formal.

We hope that looking through the portfolios above inspires you to try a family photoshoot.