Planning your wedding? Let us plan it together.

Marriages are said to be made in Heaven. However, it is the wedding that makes the occasion of marriage a memorable one. The place where one’s wedding ceremony is going to be held plays a significant role in deciding other crucial factors, from its accommodative features, capacity and amenities, to choosing the guest list, the décor, the flowers, and even at times has an influence in the wedding ensemble. However, one major consideration to be made while choosing the wedding venue is one’s budget. As said, deeper pockets make short work of everything, but is that the case always? It is a challenging task to get all the desired features customised to one’s choice within a nominal budget. Located in the scenic beauty of Perth, Australia, Swan valley wedding venues provide numerous options about planning of one’s wedding.

What would I look for in a venue?

Ideally, a wedding venue is the decider of one’s wedding plans, as it takes up the most of one’s budget. There are many components included in the venue, which cover the ambience, the colour theme, the décor, the lightings, the main halls, the facilities provided, the accessory inclusive components, etc. Most of these are customised, and are covered in various packages. To cater to the customers preferences, the wedding venues at Swan valley, Perth, provide flexible packages, with a great degree of itemisation and choice. For example, the client can choose a package encompassing a formal wedding, with dignitaries as guests, and a private reception for friends and family. The catering, the accommodation, and the facilities provided to the guests would vary according to the needs. Alternatively, a couple can opt for a private romantic wedding, and splurge on the wedding photography.

How do I manage the wedding?

One of the facilities that is provided to the client by the venues is the availability of a wedding coordinator, or in other words, the relationship manager, who would serve as a bridge between the client and the venue. He would be the point of contact for the client, and it would be with him, that they would discuss the availability of the dates of the venue, the package details, seasonal variations in services, the catering, discounts or added services, etc. Speaking of luxury wedding venues in Swan Valley, Perth, the resorts there deserve a special mention. In addition to the wedding services, the bridal showers and the honeymoon packages are greatly appreciated by its customers. It has the option of luxury weddings as well as a private wedding. Customers vouch for their services, and recommend them to others, their satisfaction is testimonial to the service provided.

For a serene picturesque, and a memorable wedding in Australia, wedding venues at Perth are a place to consider and experience.