Pros of Selecting Cropley House as Your Wedding Venue

Pros of Selecting Cropley House as Your Wedding Venue

Wedding date fixed? Then the first thing you will look for is a wedding venue. Great wedding venues in Sydney not only make your special day but also leave your guests feeling the same magic that you ought to. Keeping that in mind, Cropley House is inbuilt with everything that every couple expects.

Pros of Selecting Cropley House

  1. This wedding venue will be flexible for you
  2. This wedding venue fit your any budget
  3. This wedding venue’s space and layout will meet your needs
  4. This wedding venue in a convenient location (84 Watkins Road, Baulkham Hills, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2153)
  5. This wedding venue won’t hinder your plans
  6. Offers special wedding packages
  7. By hiring this wedding venue, you can have your honeymoon at your dream locale.

The speciality of Cropley House Wedding Venue

Fireworks in the Venue

You can arrange electric sparkler jets and dry ice through a specific supplier. But, naked flames and fireworks are not permitted within Cropley House, due to the historical nature of the venue.


At Cropley House, one of the leading wedding venues in Sydney, you are permitted to source your band. But, to ensure the noise level that should not exceed, you should consult with the venue manager

Menu Tasting

Cropley House wedding venue hold menu tastings every few months which are held in a group environment, so you have the option to experience their hospitality before your big day.

Dietary Requirements

Cropley House caters for dietary requirements. For that, you have to send a list of your guests’ name and the table number. To ensure the guest/s receive a suitable meal, they liaise with the chef.

White Tiffany Chairs

Their standard chairs are white tiffany chairs.

Rectangular or Round Tables

Cropley House provides either rectangular or round tables for your event. According to the event type and the number of guests, they will impact the best set up for your event.

Additional Candles

You are welcome to provide additional candles, but there should not be naked flames. Also, to stop wax from dripping onto the tablecloths, the candles or tealights must be enclosed in a vase or tealight holder.

Unique Centerpiece

Their centrepiece is a hurricane vase with rock salt and a white pillar candle.

Wheelchair Access

The venue is wheelchair accessible with a ramp from the disabled parking to the entrance, a lift for access to the mezzanine and top floors and special access bathrooms.

Hold Functions at the Same Time

They hold simultaneous functions. We stagger arrival times, so guests don’t have any impact on each other.


Cropley House has 142 onsite parking spaces available for your guests, including four accessible parking spaces.

Wrapping Up

No matter whether you are looking for garden wedding venues in Sydney, or unique wedding venues Sydney, that is second to none contact Cropley House. To book the venue now, contact or visit Cropley House today.