Questions in Picking the Right Wedding Reception Venue

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Planning about the wedding venues in Brisbane is one of the hardest parts of planning for your marriage. What can never go wrong is the choice of the reception location. Here are important questions you should ask when looking for a suitable place:

Is it able to accommodate all the guests?

Room capacity should be considered first. No matter how intimate the place is, it should at least be able to accommodate everyone in the guest list, including pets. Consider a room that can fit at least 50 persons.

Is it perfect for the planned activities?

Receptions usually have a lot of dancing. Take note of the dance floor area and check if it has the adequate size. If you have a certain theme that you are following, make sure the room can be decorated according to the mood of the wedding.

Does it have a good electrical and sound system?

Check if the lights are working and if there is a place for the sound system to be set up. Check for a Bluetooth port, the stereo system and the spotlights on the dance floor. Ask the receptions provider if they have enough electrical ports for playing music and a TV screen for showing videos.

What other rooms/amenities are included in the reception?

Another important mental note to remember: make sure there are a comfort room and a waiting area for the guests that are accessible but tucked away from the main area.

If the guests will be drinking, also check if there’s a bar that is set up in the area. If there is, find out if their liquor stock has the brand names that you and your guests prefer.

How would it look like during the main date?

To visualise it further, try to make out what the room could look like during the main event. Visualise how the colour motif, flowers and other decors are going to look like in the venue.

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Author: Carrie Sze