Questions To Ask Before Availing Of The Services Of A Professional Wedding Photographer 

‘The Photograph’, is the most nostalgic element existing on earth whenever a person is encountered with a photograph thousands of memories flashes in mind. From visuals, to sense, to smell, to emotions! 

A photograph can take an individual back to a specific time and phase. Now we live in the era where everything is tech-advanced, even the art of photography is, it is now not only the expression of art, it is more about technique, presentation, and vision but the basic motto of photographs is still the same! To capture emotions! 

Weddings are a huge occasion and very special to two people vowing together to be together for whole life, till the day death leaves them. Wedding photography needs to be an emotional portrayal but a very skilled presentation of techniques and vision. 

Availability of the correct Wedding photography services is a very crucial decision. Billions of Questions pop in mind when deciding on a wedding photographer and a team. This article will be a perfect guide for you to find the best wedding photographer. 


Be very firm with this aspect of enquiry. Usually, wedding photographers have a team designated for specific tasks. If you like the work of a specific photographer, the first phase of questions should always be regarding ‘Avability.’ Here is the list of questions you can ask your photographer. 

  1. Are you available for all the shoots and the wedding day? 

  2. Are you going to be the one shooting for our wedding? If not can you please give us the portfolio and set up a meeting with the photographer on site?      

  3. If you are having a team, then please arrange the meetup with the whole team. 

Background Check Is A Must: 

You definitely don’t have your wedding mementos; the wedding photographs are not in sync with your memories of the big day. Interviewing wedding photographers and reviewing the portfolio should be one of the driving factors for choosing the correct photographers and team. 

  1. Here size matters! Please ask questions regarding your previous experiences with projects shooting weddings of your size.  

  2. Reviewing your portfolio will not only help you to find the common ground between the photographer’s style but will also give you a reality check! 


Pricing, Packages And Photography Style: 

This is the last but the most important factor of availing of photography services. 

  1. Enquire about the standard package and the number of photographs and films involved in the package. 

  2. Enquire about the contract and advance deposit charges. 

  3. Is your photographer allowing you to customize the package? If yes, then move forward with the monetary aspect. 

  4. Ask them to elaborate on their photography style. Explain your vision and then allow them to explain their idea for the same vision. 


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