Quick Tips on How to Plan a Wedding

The tips are quick, but planning a wedding is far from quick, I know if you are here looking for something new, innovative and different it will help you in this somewhat stressful task. But you can be sure that this is a great phase of your life and that if you do it calmly and foot on the floor you will remember with great satisfaction of this time. So let’s show you how to plan a wedding in the best way possible. With the right Wedding Planner this is possible.

Define what you want

Many brides want everything, but this is a little impossible, so define what you want and how you want, write down in your calendar everything you need. To help you, let’s list the most important things:

  • Location: You need to set the location; it will be church, home, site, beach, party hall;
  • Date: If you do not have a date set soon;
  • Music: Define what you want to hire, if it will be 2 people singing, a band, an orchestra … If you do party, also define if you will have a DJ or not;
  • Photos and footage: Will you want photos? Where will you take the external ones? Are you going to want footage?
  • Party: If you decide to make the party already look at the place that will be the party.

Set all the details you want. Of course there are many other things, but you can already have an idea of ​​the list you need to do right? So now just get started.

Search for companies that will work on your wedding

Our second tip of how to organize a wedding is to start researching the companies and people who will be working on your wedding, now that you already have the list and already know what you can look for companies and ask for budget. Ask for at least 3 budgets of each thing, but the interesting thing is to ask for 5 to 6 budgets, just do not overdo it.

Choose the best supplier options

With budgets in hand you can now move on to the next step, choose the best options and start visiting. You need to visit and get to know the work of all of them, do not just decide for the price, choose at least 2 of each to visit then go in two places that makes the bride’s day, two music venues, tasting food and drink services and here it goes. For the right Wedding Planning this is important.


Schedule is accurate

Make timelines with everything you have to do and decide, you have to decide everything in advance. How to plan a wedding correctly if you just choose, search and do not date. You need to put in the timeline the time it should close everything, some things can get closer to the wedding and some not, so make this schedule.