Revealed: The Easiest Way to Select a Wedding Venue

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One of the biggest decisions you have to make is choosing your wedding venue. You have to start by considering the options that are at your disposal. Some people are not sure of where to hold their wedding but we will give you some tips on this article. The venue you select will determine the maximum number of people that you can invite. The other factors include the location, styling, and theme of your wedding venue. A good amount of your budget and time should be allocated to planning for your wedding venue. There is something on the market that will suit every couple as long as you make the right decisions.

The first thing is to determine the kind of wedding you want. The next thing is too set a realistic budget that is in line with your dream wedding. The budget may be higher if exclusivity is important to both of you. We have couples who want a huge crowd to come and witness as they exchange their vows. Others want an intimate wedding that is surrounded by close family and friends. The space you choose should meet your unique requirements.

It’s advisable to book your wedding venue early enough so as to have a lot of time to plan for your big day. Wedding venues get booked early 12 to 18 months during the peak (summer) season. Therefore, it is important to book as soon as you have settled on one. Avoid last minute rushes even if it means just paying for the deposit.

Choose a Theme

The wedding venue you choose has a direct impact on the theme of the day. Also you can offer guests food related to your theme, catering companies can help you in that.

For instance, a seaside venue cannot adapt a rustic and country-garden interior style. The wedding venue has to be part of the bigger picture and match with your desired theme. Boutique hotels are ideal for glittering and glamorous weddings. On the other hand, close barn venues are ideal for rustic, country, and cider-filled weddings.


Your plan could be to exchange vows in a church and then transfer your guest to a different venue for the reception. You could also hold the ceremony and evening party in the same place. The most important thing is to identify a suitable location. You can choose a place where both of you grew up and one that is close to your current place of residence. The situation may also force you to be close to the church that will be officiating your wedding. You don’t want your guest to get let arriving at the wedding venue. You may also have to plan for accommodation if the wedding venue is far. Transport should also be budgeted for in case the reception is far from the wedding venue.

Savvy Expenditure

The element of budget is a critical factor when choosing a wedding venue. Talk to the customer representative and see if there are any running offers or deals for choosing their venue. You may find them giving you complimentary rooms, bridal suite, or canapes and welcome drinks among other promotional products or services. Other service providers may offer discounts to their clients. The most important thing is to choose the best venue that is within your budget.