Shopping for Wedding Dresses while Plus-Sized: Tips and Advice

Wedding dress shopping is akin to a rite of passage. It can be something you used to fantasize about as a young child. If only choosing the ideal garment was as simple as it seemed in our childhood fantasies. But, unfortunately, it’s not easy to find dresses catered to your body type when you’re plus-sized.

But this does not mean your dress-shopping experience must be an awful one. So, here are some tips on how plus-size brides may shop for their wedding dress to make it as stress-free as possible!

1. Seek for Bridal Stores with Plus Sizes

No matter what size you are, buying a wedding dress is stressful by nature. But it is a much more intense affair for a plus-size bride.

A little bit of research might help you avoid awkward circumstances when shopping for your big day. Ask the bridal shop about their available sizes when you email or phone in advance. You could also inquire if they offer fitting rooms and seats that accommodate plus-size people.

2. Pay No Attention to Sizing

Put less emphasis on your dress size! Remember that wedding sizing might not correspond to the size you typically wear. People of all sizes, not just those in plus sizes, sometimes require a size or two larger than their usual size.

3. Be Open-Minded

You will undoubtedly have extensively studied the most attractive shapes for your body type before you go dress shopping, which is excellent. However, keep an open mind as well. Many brides hold themselves back when putting on various designs to avoid feeling insecure about their body image.

Try on the dress styles you think you’ll adore, but don’t hesitate to experiment with styles that might not be typically comfortable for you. You may find something unexpected that you’ll really love that way!

4. Participate in Plus-Size Bridal Communities for Support and Inspiration

Social media has the fantastic ability to link you to many different communities. For example, you may tap into the support network of other plus-size brides to get suggestions and become motivated. Seeing brides that resemble you makes a massive difference in terms of representation. This is especially when you consider how stunningly beautiful they all appear in their wedding gowns.

5. Choose Your Entourage Carefully

Before trying on gowns, discuss with your team to set your expectations and let them know what you are looking for. Inform them that diet discussion is not permitted or that constructive criticism is OK, but harmful remarks are not. Giving others a heads-up won’t just assist you; it may also benefit them since some people aren’t even aware they are being fatphobic.