Significance Of Return Gifts In Indian Weddings

Significance of Return Gifts

Indian weddings are the perfect platform for gifting. The family and friends of the couple come together to celebrate the occasion and give gifts to the newly married couple as a symbol of their love and blessings. Return gifts are given to the guests by the couple’s family as a token of appreciation for their participation in the wedding. It also acts as a remembrance of the wedding for the guests. Considering the large number of guests in the wedding, selecting the ideal wedding return gifts for them can be a tedious task. Generally, these wedding return gifts should be something which the guests can carry back easily and will make them remember the wedding. Depending on the budget of the couple, there are a variety of wedding return gifts available in the market. Some of the tips for selecting a suitable return gifts for the guests are as follows:

Meeting the Sensibilities of the Guests

The wedding return gift should meet the sensibilities of the guests. It is generally difficult to meet the sensibilities of all the guests as they may come from heterogeneous backgrounds, age, hobbies etc. Hence, the best wedding return gifts are generic having a cultural or religious backdrop which will appeal to the majority of the guests. In case of an inter-religion marriage where religion-based return gifts are not an option, then general utility gifts should be given.

Cultural Context

Weddings and culture are inseparable in Indian society. Hence, wedding return gifts having a cultural context are popular gifting ideas. These gifts are even more suited for elder guests to whom these will appeal the most and they will be happy. Another added advantage of selecting cultural-based return gifts are that they are affordable and will be appreciated by the guests, thereby not costing the newly married couple and their families much.

Religion-Based Gifts

Religion is an integral component of any Indian wedding. Hence when it comes to wedding return gifts religion-based gifts are the most popular. The sellers also recommend religion-based return gifts. These gifts consist of idols of gods and religious utility items which are used in every household. The religion-based return gifts appeal to most of the guests and considering its high utility, they are ideal for them as a remembrance of the wedding.

Availability for Mass Production

There are specific gifts which the couple may like as their wedding return gifts but they may not be available for mass production in a short notice. When dealing with such kind of return gifts, they need to place their orders well in advance to ensure timely delivery of the wedding return gift. Generally, it is better to choose gifts which are readily available in bulk for giving to the guests.


Budget is perhaps the most important determinant of choosing the wedding return gifts. The couple and their families need to decide their budget and plan for the return gift accordingly. There are return gifts in the market for everyone’s budget and a little bit of thoughtfulness and careful planning can lead to selecting the ideal return gift for the guests.